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In the rush of day-to-day, it can be a big challenge to keep the house organized and able to perform all the household chores. In addition, minor accidents are common but can not always decipher the solutions quickly.

He struck inadvertently the couch with the pen? He put the shirt without deodorant dry and got spots? It was to paint the hair and ended up fouling paint clothes? We tried to gelatin for dessert but it was all despeçada time to unmold? These things happen more than we'd like, but they are no reason to ruin anyone's day: the solutions can be much simpler than you think!

To circumvent the different situations of everyday life, it is very useful to know a few tricks. After all, leaving the more practical activities - in the kitchen, organizing or cleaning - much free time left over to enjoy in other ways.

Check out the following a few simple tips, practical and fast that can change the way you approach a domestic setback, in different scenarios.

Preparation and cooking of food

Photo: Playback / Giphy

Photo: Playback / Giphy

1. Sharpen the knife without grinder: time or another leave the knives in hand in time to prepare a meal and the grinder is not always around. But, using the grinder is not the only way of giving a way that blunt knife! Just grab a match box and sharpen the knife blade in the same range in which scratching match.

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2. Keep fresh sandwiches: the sandwich is practical, fast and a great savior in times when even the time to eat is short. You can further extend this convenience preparing several sandwiches at once, to have a snack ready at various times. To keep them freshly baked, put some lettuce leaves on a foil, place the sandwich on top, wrap and store in refrigerator.

3. Thicken the bean broth: if you like beans with the most full-bodied broth but can not get this effect in cooking, remove from pan a ladle of cooked beans and mash the beans. Then, return the pasta to the pan, stir well and simmer for a few minutes.

4. Avoid drying of roast beef: before blaming your oven by dryness of a roast chicken, pay attention to the spice used in the flesh! Vinegar and lemon added before the meat baking can leave it dry. Orange and pineapple are good replacements for these ingredients.

5. Soften the cold butter: use cold butter may end up becoming a test of strength and patience, especially on colder days. To expedite the process and leave it molinha faster, heat a bowl with hot water and cover the butter with her, like a greenhouse.

6. Bake fish without sticking in the form: this is a simple solution - tasty! - to avoid that the fish become stuck in the shape after cooking. Before taking the fish in the oven, grease the bottom of the mold with butter and paper with thick potato slices by placing the fish on top. At the end, the reward is a plate without sticking complemented by roasted potatoes.

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7. Keep the soft ice cream in the freezer: once opened, an ice cream pot can end up losing the magic in the freezer. The accumulated ice leaves the hardened ice cream and even affect the taste. To prevent this buildup and maintain the creamy dessert, store the jar in the freezer in a plastic bag.

8. Clean corn: if you suffer from the difficulty of taking the fiozinhos corn that are stuck in the ear, adopt a toothbrush to help you with the task! The brush makes the wires break less often and leave more easily.

9. Cut dried fruits: the difficulty here is with those dried fruits more sticky, which are stuck to the knife blade as they are chopped. To avoid this effect, heat a scissors or knife in hot water before chop them.

10. Thaw red meat: there was no time to plan before cooking and the meat is still frozen? A fast way is to thaw by placing the meat to marinate in vinegar for a few minutes, which raises the temperature of the ingredient. Then finish defrosting in the microwave or water.

11. Leave the fluffy salt: over time, the salt becomes more full-bodied and can be an adventure to get a salt shaker. To keep it fluffy, light a pan to fire and, after heated, place the salt and stir for two or three minutes. For this, try to avoid aluminum cookware and use low heat.

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12. Unmould gelatin without breaking: for an entire and perfect gelatin after desenformada, count on the aid of high temperatures! Soak the form in hot water or wrap it with a wet towel with hot water. After a few minutes, just unmold patting the container.

13. Prepare bacon in a microwave: You want to prepare a tasty bacon, sequinho and low in fat in a short time? Line a plate with two or three sheets of paper towel and place the bacon cut into strips. On top, put some more leaves. Bake in microwave for one minute at high power and, if necessary, set for 30 seconds.

House cleaning

A little help with the vacuum cleaner is always welcome. Photo: Playback / Giphy

A little help with the vacuum cleaner is always welcome. Photo: Playback / Giphy

14. Clean upholstery fabric: to remove odors, mold, moisture and deodorize upholstery fabric, begin by choosing a sunny day to clean. Sprinkle the sodium bicarbonate and padded to remove excess aspirate. Then spray white vinegar and let dry in the sun.

15. Unclog drains: this tip is ideal to unclog drains the kitchen sink and bathroom. Put down the drain a cup of baking soda and then add two cups of white vinegar alcohol. When the mixture is not fizzy, pour boiling water and avoid opening the faucet for about 30 minutes.

16. Remove the drain hair: hair falls and accumulates in the drain - is inevitable. To avoid the unpleasant sensation of wet hair in the hands, use a crochet hook to remove wires.

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17. Clear smoke stain brick wall: fireplaces and grills can be the great villains of the stains on the wall. To get rid of them, just rub a sapólio stone in the wet wall and then rinse with water.

18. Extend the bathroom cleaning box: washing the bathroom is one of the most dreaded daily activities. But you can extend a little more the effect of cleaning, preventing the growth of mold in grout and avoiding stains longer. Simply sprinkle white vinegar alcohol in the area every two days.

19. Clear blender: because the blade, the blender can be a complicated object to clean. To quickly remove the dirt, hit at high speed a few ice cubes, warm water and detergent. In a minute or two you have glass and limpinhos blades!

20. Clear burning oven: burnt food remnants can resistant rebels at the time of cleaning. For convenience, place a cloth moistened with liquid ammonia in the hot oven and leave it for a few hours. After that, the burned pieces have come loose and you can make normal cleaning the oven.

21. Clear flower arrangement: dried flower arrangements may not need to be watered, but still need care! With the exhibition, it is common arrangements accumulate dust. To clean them, boil water enough to cover the flowers and add a teaspoon of baking soda for each gallon of water used. Let the flowers soak for up to 15 minutes and then let them air dry.

22. Wash walls: the trick here is how to start. Wash walls becomes easier starting from the bottom up than the other way - after all, the mess to clean up the drips on the surface that is already clean is much lower.

23. Remove the couch pen spot: even the least clumsy humans may end up tarnishing the pen which should not be scratched. To remove ink streaks of a fabric upholstery, simply apply white vinegar alcohol on a sponge and rub until you leave.

24. Sanitize dishwashing sponge: The process of cleaning sponges it is important to eliminate bacteria and germs that accumulate with use. Place a tablespoon of bleach in a liter of water and let the sponge soak for three minutes. Then just rinse and let it dry.

Cleaning clothes

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Assistant laundry. Photo: Playback / Giphy

25. Moisturize leather: He began to get cold and you'll take the leather jacket from the closet? After a lot of saved time, you can moisturize the leather so that the piece is renewed. In a damp cloth, Table drops of liquid petrolatum or sweet almond oil and rub the whole piece. After ten minutes, end the process by passing a dry white cloth.

26. accelerate the drying of the laundry: this is a good tip for those who still want faster time to spin the clothes. Place the centrifuge, along with wetted parts, a dry towel. The towel will absorb some of the water and the clothes come out of the well drier machine.

27. Remove deodorant stains: ah, hurry! Nothing more common to wear the blouse before deodorant dry and make toast a white spot in the play. To get rid of it quickly, simply rub a dry sponge the stain.

28. Skip leather garments: although a heavier look, the leather pieces are very delicate time to move. It is important not to use steam iron and adjust the temperature to less than 80 °. To protect the piece, put a light cloth over the leather and only pass the iron with the cloth serving as intermediary.

29. Dry line clothes on the line: already did not know what to do to dry a line blouse without stretching the entire piece? Remove excess water with a towel and then spend a pantyhose the sleeves of her blouse. Holding socks instead of the sleeves on the line, your blouse is safe deformation!

30. Remove the odor of socks: if you've washed socks and they continued with an unpleasant smell, it's time to exterminate the bacteria tissue. To do this, leave them to soak in a mixture of water and vodka (yes, vodka!) For about 30 minutes.

31. Remove hair dye the fabric: it is common to be painting the hair and end up with a stain on clothing or towel. To remove it still fresh, apply hydrogen peroxide on the stain and scrub with a toothbrush in straight lines. Then dry with a cloth and wash the play normally.

32. Skip pieces with sleeves: for more firmness in time to move the sleeves of a piece, wrap a magazine and place inside the sleeve. It will unfold and become a great support for the activity.

33. ironing silk clothes, wants to renew the trim of a piece of natural silk? Dissolve a white sheet of gelatin in a liter of boiling water. Then add this mixture to an amount of cold water that covers the part and wet it. Twist the part, let it dry a little and pass it still wet, covered with a tissue paper.

34. Keep fluffy towels: you knew to use fabric softener on your towels industrialized clothes may cause them to lose the ability to absorb? To keep them soft and without risk it, just replace the softener by vinegar at the time of washing.

35. Pre-wash heavily soiled clothes: to remove stubborn stains from clothing - like the makeup and sweat, for example - you can rub moistened white soap on the stain. Then, it is normally only proceed with washing.

Organization and storage

Organizer cats. Photo: Playback / Giphy

Organizer cats. Photo: Playback / Giphy

36. Save clothes bulge: for storing sweaters and dresses with bulge without damaging the pieces, never hang them! The best thing to do is fold the piece in half, fit a bulge inside the other and continue folding the laundry until exactly the bulge size. Then you can just keep it standing in the drawer.

37. Make room in the suitcase: when the case does not close or with the classic sitting there on top to force the zipper, it's time to look for other ways to make space. Putting the clothes in bags that close the vacuum (preferably with the help of vacuum cleaner) you can compact size and carry more stuff!

38. Store leather and suede: well cared for, pieces of leather and suede can be your companion for a long time. At the time of saving, hang them on wooden hangers or plastic and protect them with a cover of TNT, keeping them always in places that are not exposed to light.

39. Save pantyhose: to ensure that the stocking is secure objects that can reel off the wires, the ideal is to keep the piece in bags with ziploc closing. Resistant, packaging will protect the middle of sharp objects.

40. Saving documents: carefully may be little time to store important documents. To keep them dry and unmarked folds, wrap them tightly and wrap with a paper towel.

41. Protect white clothes: I have had the annoying experience of catching a linen closet and realize it is yellow? Even clean, white fabric can end yellowing because of the incidence of light. To protect the workpiece, keep it wrapped in tissue paper or blue TNT.

42. Save Christmas lights: in every Christmas season you spend more time untangling the lights than gracing the home, this is a simple trick that prevents stalling. Wrap the wire on a piece of cardboard and keep the decorations in boxes.

43. To reinforce plastic hangers: to prevent slipping clothes get the hangers in the closet, just make a zig-zag with hot glue on the sides of the object. The glue dries will offer greater support to the tissues!

44. Organize towels in the bathroom: in small or bathrooms used by many people, it can get tricky make room for organizing towels around the world. To optimize space, install up to three towel rails vertically - can be a wall or behind the door.

45. Attach plastic bag in the trash can: if your trash is metal or stainless steel, plastic bags live probably slipping. To keep them in place place multiple magnets in the mouth of the bag out of the trash.

46. ​​Organize jewelry in the drawer: no one needs a sophisticated organizer to keep the jewelry no mess in the drawer. Improvise the arrangement with candy paper cups, ice forms or cupcake!

47. Organize appliance wires: to not have to deal daily with appliances loose wires and tangled by the Cabinet, the solution is simple. Paste a sticker Velcro to the plug and the other on the device. At the time of storing, wrap the cord on the unit and join the two pieces of Velcro to hold everything in place.

48. Store carpets: the best way to save a carpet is rolled - besides avoiding marks, you save space. In a PVC pipe or an all pool noodles, roll up the carpet with face-in, lengthwise.

49. Identify key: if your set of keys is very crowded and you always confused when opening the locks, a good trick is to paint the head of the keys with different colored glazes. This makes it easy to associate the color to the correct one!

50. Arrange cups in the cupboard: It is running out of closet space to store glasses? You can improvise a shelf using a tray! Over a row of glasses, place a tray and then stack another filheira cups. Line the pan with EVA to prevent the glasses from slipping.

Like the tips? Test them at home and leave your more practical everyday!