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Her friend was betrayed and sought his lap to vent and be comforted, but you feel so angry man who betrayed her that wants to expose his feelings. But do not! A tip from an expert psychologist in relationships is that this moment is just to hear her friend's pain, because some comments can end up worsening the situation. Here are some examples:

  1. Once a traitor, always a traitor.
    Maybe you know that it should never have trusted the partner, but this review does not improve the situation. Just say, "I can not imagine how you feel."
  2. Men cheat for a reason.
    In fact the reasons that lead to betrayal vary, may be immature or sexual compulsion, Anyway, it is not their role to make this analysis or point fingers.
  3. At least he did not ...
    Compare the story with what was experienced by another friend does not mitigate the pain, but it's like despised the experience she lived.
  4. You must forgive / forget.
    If the friend you searched is because trust you and want to hear your advice. So be careful what you say because it needs time to understand the feelings and make the decision. Encourage just to share emotions.
  5. It was just sex.
    As I said, the reasons can be many and varied. In addition, you do not know if her friend the fact that it was "only" sex makes no difference. Avoid this kind of talk.
  6. Call a lawyer immediately.
    If the friend was married, you may think that legal advice is needed. But the decision is premature. You have to wait a while, live the crisis, talk openly with your partner and only then decide what will be done.
  7. I suspected…
    Even if you already imagined that her friend was being betrayed, that comment at the moment is not good and only makes her feel stupid for not knowing.
  8. The other woman is (a pejorative term).
    Speak another of evil may seem like a good idea to lift the mood of the betrayed friend, but it is not. The subject is her relationship with the partner, not the other woman.
  9. All men cheat.
    This information is not true. And, even if it is not the kind of statement do well to friend, it gives a negative view including on future relationships.
  10. You should betray him too.
    This is the worst advice. It is an immature response to the situation. Two wrongs do not make a right, and doing so will only bring more sorrow to the relationship. It is better to encourage her friend to think about the kind of relationship she wants.

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