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Who has never been afraid of being betrayed or at least suspected that the partner was with someone else? Have these insecurities is common, but is there even any foundation to have that jealousy and suspicion?

One way to know the answer to that is watching their partner's behavior. The reader Valeria (29 years, married) says: "I would suspect and if out of nowhere my husband change his behavior, presenteasse me out of special dates, were much more affectionate than usual, it is synonymous with man who carries a fault, this fault to be with another. "

Already the reader Laura (24 years, dating) says: "I would suspect when my partner spent to treat me differently. For example, when he treats me well or too badly. When suddenly it does not seem more natural in how you deal with me. Or starts to get too much time fiddling with the phone or on the computer. "

Answer the following questions and find out if there is any reason for you to be attentive in relation to his companion.

  1. When you say "I love you," he:
  2. also says "I love you"
    Change subject

  3. As for his behavior:
  4. It's a little far
    He changed and became cold to me
    Remains the same

  5. When he is with you, his mobile:
  6. It is stored in the pocket
    You do not know where it leaves the cell
    It is in a visible place

  7. If it receives a cell phone call, it is:
  8. Quiet
    A little nervous
    Very nervous

  9. If you messed things in it, it would be:
  10. A little bothered

  11. As for the way you dress, it:
  12. Keeps wearing the same or with small changes
    Changed a bit
    He has changed a lot and dresses better now

  13. As for his confidence in you, he:
  14. Never makes suspicious questions
    Always wonder I talk to and go out
    Sometimes I ask who I'm going out and what time I will return

  15. As for his previous relationships, he:
  16. Cheated more than once
    You know, he never cheated anyone
    She has cheated once and repented

  17. When out in public it:
  18. Matches when I get close to him and I affection
    Take my hand and makes me affection
    Avoid public displays of affection

  19. He has accused you of betraying him, even be to have a reason?
  20. Sometimes

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