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The hair treatment masks are products with compounds that aim to treat damaged hair, maintain the beauty and health and also prevent possible damage. Are products that can be used at home and in most cases are simple and practical use, which is a factor that guarantees much success to these items.

There are several types of hair masks available in the market, but overall, are divided into three functions: hydration, nutrition and restoration. Each of these three types of masks may have different ingredients and use them varies with the specific needs of each hair. The frequency of use of these treatments should also be measured according to the type of hair.

The masks of length of stay on the wires usually vary according to the type of mask. moisturizing masks can be shorter effect, since the nutrition and reconstruction have longer usage time due to the intensity of treatment. Each brand can present one way or use time differently, so watch out the instructions on the label.

To find out which type of mask is best for your hair and better understand how to use these products, check out the days below:

What is the best mask for each type of hair?

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Photo: Getty Images

As stated, each hair has a different need for treatment. Generally, you can check the labels which the functionality of the mask (hydration, nutrition or restore) and reading the ingredient list you can know if that mask fulfill the nutritional function in your hair, for example. We spoke to the hairdresser Carolina Leone clinical Invigorate, which indicated that masks each type of hair should use. Check it:

hair dry

The dryness is a problem that affects not only the chemically treated hair, contrary to what you think. "All kinds of hair dries, you should always moisturize your hair as the sun, swimming pool, with chemical dyes, bleaching and straightening can damage and dry out the wire," guides Carolina.

Mask types: try to use masks with high moisturizing power, as it will act returning the lipids to the wire and closing the cuticle of the hair fiber, so the hair becomes silky and soft.

What ingredients to look for: you should look for masks containing natural butters such as the stop and shea nuts that can be associated with coconut oil, macadamia and argan oil.

Frequency of use: use twice a week to realize the improvement in dry then do maintenance every two weeks.

Hair dull

The lack of light in hair can indicate several problems, the most common are "dry, color fading, and lack of nutrients," says Carolina. It is important to know the cause and it may be necessary to consult a professional.

Mask types: nutrition masks will return brightness and vitality to the wire.

What ingredients to look for: you should look for masks containing seaweed, panthenol, aloe vera and lanolin.

Frequency of use: use once a week or whenever you need

frizzy and curly hair

frizzy hair, curly may require more care because of the difficulty to receive the natural oils produced by the scalp. "Hair with this structure tend to dry more. The texture hinders the oils produced at the root (our natural hydration) lubricate the entire wire, leaving enough dry "states Carolina.

Mask types: Mask moisturizing and intense repair, are usually specific masks for this type of hair.

What ingredients to look for: masks containing coconut oil, cocoa, vitamin B5, wheat protein, soy protein, provide intense hydration and setting best repair and removing the curls frizz.

Frequency of use: applied where washing.

Blond hair

Hair that passed discolorations, especially blond in the clearest tones require different care to repair the damage and prevent future. "The blond hair loses many properties and may even break, requiring many treatments for his recovery," recommends the hairdresser.

Mask types: reconstructive masks interspersed with moisturizing masks.

What ingredients to look for: masks that contain keratin, arginine, omega-6, panthenol, silicones, acrylate polymers, caffeine, and niacinamide.

Frequency of use: apply twice a week alternating with moisturizing mask.

Hair with chemical

The constant use of chemicals can affect the structure of hair, so it is important to involve the use of chemical products to use that return nutrients that constitute the hair fiber.

Mask types: nourishing masks, moisturizers, and reconstructive.

What ingredients to look for: masks that contain keratin, collagen, polisil, sericin, Argenina, glycine, cystine, alanine, histidine and others.

Frequency of use: apply twice a week alternating nourishing masks, reconstructive and moisturizing.

Hair coloring with

The use of color can be harmful to the wire as well as other chemicals. Another problem is that the "colored wires are subject to loss of pigment when subjected to external aggressions such as sun exposure and heat," explains Carolina. The use of masks can combine care with the maintenance of color to these types of hair.

Mask types: masks that guarantee the durability of the color pigment in the act protecting the wire.

What ingredients to look for: masks containing zinc gluconate, and antioxidants such as vitamin E, caviar extract and silk protein.

Frequency of use: once a week should be applied.

Remember that hair although of the same type may have different characteristics and treatment needs. In case of doubt, it is interesting to look for a (a) professional who will assess well the conditions of your hair and indicate the best treatment following masks.

amazing masks indicated by bloggers

Investing in a mask can not be a simple task and often ask directions to the friends and family of masks that they have tested and approved. Following the line of directions, check the opinion of bloggers can be a great option to choose the right shade for you. Check out what they say about restoration masks, nutrition and hydration:

restoration masks

Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction

1. Restorative Mask Surya (R $ 20.00) by Nicole Gonçalves: "Surya does not test on animals, Cruelty Free and this product does not contain ingredients of animal origin, namely vegan / vegan! My hair was very silky glow and soft. Not weighed in any of the times I used it. Even when I pulled fine hair product. ". [Full review]

2. Restorative Mask Pantene (R $ 15.35) per Tallita Lisbon: "He took a good hydrated and an apparent disciplined in the wires, the effect was pretty cool in my wire, did not leave oily. I liked it and recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable and good results mask. " [Full review]

3. Restorative Mask Keune (R $ 137.00) by Ju Lopes: "She is an excellent choice for porous and damaged hair by chemical procedures, like lights, discolorations and relaxation. The great advantage of it, and act fast, is that softens enough and leaves and silken strands, you know? And as it is very concentrated also yields a lot. " [Full review]

4. Restorative Mask La Roche-Posay (R $ 75.11) per Pâmella Santos: "Unlike other common masks have to go down the middle of the hair, that you pass from the root, then you moisturizes hair todinho without missing anything. " [Full review]

moisturizing masks

Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction

1. Hydration Mask Clay Mines (R $ 23.90) by Simone: "Right at the rinse one can already notice the well hydrated hair. My hair are always very silky, shiny, disciplined and well hydrated. Surely this cream has a permanent place on my noble little heart. " [Full review]

2. Sudden Death Mask Lola (R $ 46.80) per Bia Munstein: "The wires were treated appearance, more in line with a" weight "but in a good sense. It really was very soft and well hydrated hair appearance. Ie Recomendadissimo to dry hair. " [Full review]

3. Hydration Mask Phytoervas (R $ 25.90) ​​by Lucy Viana: "It has good spreadability, yields and maketh fine hair. While it is moisturizing, leaves no hair flying hydration, but also does not give weight to the hair. The mask's assets are the difference, plus coconut oil and cotton, linen has yet, quinoa and wheat. " [Full review]

4. Hydration Mask At Boé Crece (R $ 59.90) by Julia Doorman: "White mask of dense texture, has a 15-minute action is muiiiito smelling, that smell which is in the hair. too moisturizes and can be used whenever necessary. Rich in natural and moisturizing active extracts, can be used every week. It has that mega moisturizing effect and faints threads that I love. " [Full review]

Masks nutrition

Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction

1. Amend Mask Amarula (R $ 28.72) by Sabrina Olivetti: "The end result was hair soft, silky and without any appearance of resected. Result I could not notice before or discolor the wires. I really liked the mask, how it left my hair, the way it renders and the smell of delicious Amarula ". [Full review]

2. Mask treatment Dove Oil Nutrition (R $ 17.89) by Carla Lopez: "It is quite soothing, easy to apply and glove. I left on the hair for 20 minutes and always love the result, my hair is softer and more shiny. Makes an excellent nutrition to the hair, it has argan oil, coconut and almonds, the combination gives a very good result that does not weigh on the wires. " [Full review]

3. Mask marrow and ceramides Bio Extratus (R $ 39.90) by Julia Doorman: "For the composition, the mask can be used whenever you feel the need for hydration or nutrition. She leaves them very soft yarn, silky and too bright. " [Full review]

4. Mask healing moisture Lanza (R $ 179.90) by Karina Viega: "A hair treatment mask just perfect! Acts effectively on the most common ailments capillaries (dryness, porosity, loss of elasticity and thinning of wires). Soon the 1st application to improve the wire aspect is so intense and notorious that reaches scare ". [Full review]

homemade masks: 4 recipes for you to try at home

The homemade masks are practical, more natural and a great solution for those who have any allergies to industrial components, and are much more economical than the bought. From a quick search of the kitchen you can find ingredients to make great hair masks and as functional as they industrialized. Another option is to also enhance the effect of masks bought with natural ingredients. Check out some tips and how to make:

1. Hydration with cornstarch

Ideal for dry hair, this recipe calls for cornstarch, water and almond oil added to a hydration mask of your choice and Bepantol. The effect is enhanced by thermal cap for 30 minutes. The result is a fluffy and frizz-free hair.

2. Hydration / homemade nutrition with avocado

Avocado is rich in vitamins and lipids, leaving hair shiny and aligned. The ingredients used are avocado, honey and olive oil, which may be substituted by another 100% vegetable oil.

3. Restorative Mask with egg

This mask is indicated for hair with chemicals that are well damaged, elastic and dull. It is made with eggs, honey and olive oil. The result is a hair more shiny, soft and aligned. It can be used once a month.

4. Moisturizing Mask carrot

To do this mask you will need honey, carrot and a moisturizing mask of your choice. In addition to hydration, the mask promises to strengthen the strands and prevent breakage.

Investing in the right shade for your situation, whether homemade or industrialized, helps maintain the beauty of the wires and prevent them from being damaged, however, it is important to exercise caution. "Masks excess can harm the wires if there is an assertive diagnosis, so it is very important that you be guided by a professional," says Carolina. With proper care your hair will remain healthy and beautiful forever.