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Is there anything that child likes to do more than play? No matter the age, whether it is day, night, rain or shine, no doubt the activity considered most important for children is a joke. And it's playing the child learns to be human, to live in society, to count, to jump, to create, that is, everything ends up being a training for various aspects of your life.

The diversity of games becomes important and luck is that children have the ability to have fun with little. But in recent times, there was a great villain for backyard play: the massive existence of electronic paraphernalia that hold the attention of little ones with lights, sounds and moving images.

However, deleting the child's technology is also nothing indicated. The balance remains the best option in these cases.

Remember that is not only computer that entertains and that not only evolves small tablet. Play outdoors, play, requiring creativity, physical movement and interaction with other children help a lot in the psychological, social and motor development.

According to Sonia Meri Roders, Pedagogical the Baron of Rio Branco School Coordinator of Blumenau (SC), "the old jokes are of great help in child development. In addition to body development are essential to the physical, emotional and intellectual. Through them, children develop their language, thought, social interaction, learning to live together and respect each other. "

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old games that the kids will love

Do you remember his pranks as a child and as amused with them? How about introducing them in the lives of their children and provide them with all the joy and magic of traditional games? Here are some games for you to remember and share this great legacy to your children:

Play to stimulate coordination

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1. fried Batatinha: With his back to the rest of the group, a child, who will be the potato, speaks loudly: "fried Batatinha one, two, three!". During this phrase, the other children try to approach the potato, but they need to halt as she finished talking and turning to face them. If someone is caught moving is out, and the first to get lean back child potato wins.

2. Jumping rope: There are several modes for this game, where children follow what is said by music. One of the most classic songs is "A man knocked on my door and I opened. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hand on the ground. Ladies and gentlemen jump on one foot. Ladies and gentlemen deem one rodadinha and go pro eye of the street (when the child has to leave the rope without touching it)! "

3. hula hoop: That colorful plastic circle has the power to enjoy it for a long time children of all ages, even the smallest that can not quite turn the bezel. In waist, hip movements, wrists, or neck, the hoop will teach a lot about the body to children.

4. Hopscotch: An easy joke and involves various learning. With a piece of chalk or coal, is designed to amarelinha the ground. The houses are numbered and "heaven" can be colored. Go through the path of hopscotch will require a lot of children balance and motor coordination.

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5. silly: a ball and at least three people is required. A child will be silly and have to be able to catch the ball while others play each other. Who play and have the ball seized by the silly silly is the time.

6. otedama: With only five stones gives to mount a challenging game time of great-grandparents. The game consists of playing one of the stones up and get another on the ground before it was launched fall into your hand. It can be played in various ways with the idea that it is becoming increasingly difficult.

7. Soap Polka Dot: A magical joke and that encourages small to direct the air and control the diaphragm. And needless to buy the industrial model - despite being very cheap - a glass with water and detergent and a straw were sufficient to solve the game.

Play to stimulate creativity

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8. Cirandas: There are many songs, each with its own cultural background and different movements to be followed by children. "Play sung, even without the use of materials, develop creativity, reasoning, memory, musical perception, gross motor coordination and promote interaction and sociability," adds the educational coordinator Sonia Meri Roders.

9. Massinha: The dough encourages creativity in a simple and fun way. The more colors, the greater the interest of the child to create different shapes and objects. It is suitable for any age, will encourage capacity building and exercise more detailed finger movements.

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10. Treasure hunt: Hide a prize (can be a sweet, a buck, any gift) somewhere in the house or garden. After choosing the hideout, elect other places in the house to hide clues in roles leading to the treasure.

11. Strength: The child chooses a word and is on paper only with corresponding risquinhos each letter. The other person tries to guess the word 'kicking' one letter at a time. Every mistake, a piece of a doll appears on the gallows to be completely full or the word discovery.

12. Mimic: This game can be done anywhere. A child alone or in a group decides by an object, animal, movie or anything else that will be staged and will note on paper. The other group of children have to guess the word chosen.

Play to stimulate social interaction

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13. Burn: Play good to exercise the pitch and speed while joins the children into groups. Divided into two sides of a space any, teams try to throw and hit the kids on the other team with a ball. When someone is hit goes to 'prison'. Win the team that hit all the members of the other.

14. leapfrog: Children are positioned in rows, squat resting his hands on his knee. One by one, children will jump in the back of friends and returning to the starting position just ahead.

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15. Poke flag: The group is divided similarly to the fire in two teams. But this time the goal is to capture the flag of another group that is protected in the background. If the child to try to get the opponent is touched by the rival, it will be frozen in place until a friend on the same team to thaw.

16. Hide and Seek: One of the most famous games of all time, the hide and seek is suitable for all ages. A child counts to 10 while other friends are hiding.

17. Pass ring; Children sit in a circle and one of them will be in the center ring. The hands of other children are closed clamshell format. The child who is with the ring pretend that puts in the hands of each participant. At the end, one tries to find out who really is the ring.

The number of games that were invented and past generation to generation to reach the current is infinite. It is the role of parents to transmit this knowledge to children, encouraging the maintenance of such cultural baggage that only is good for them.