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Whenever the holiday season approaches, also come the holidays, get-togethers and barbecues fueled and filled dinners for everyone abusing both eat.

And if you like to cook for you and guests, this is the best time of year to show their culinary skills with several different and tasty recipes.

But to go one of ordinary income and vary the menu with reinterpretations of traditional dishes and also with some new staging ideas worth trying other ideas of Christmas dishes.

Check out the following suggestions, drawn from Brazilian blogs and specialized in Portuguese recipes with amazing tips and tricks that you can follow without fear.

Christmas sweets

1. Biscuits ginger and cinnamon: In addition to tasty, biscuits ginger and cinnamon, when well designed, can serve to adorn the Christmas table and even the tree.

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Photo: Playback / sugar bits

Photo: Playback / sugar bits

2. Cookie stuffed with hazelnut cream: These stuffed cookies are ideal for packing and gift friends and family this holiday season.

3. French toast light: This recipe is great for those who do not give up the traditional Christmas toast, but you need to dose the same calories in the time of year-end parties. A nice idea is to replace the toast of bread a loaf of bread.

4. Natalina Thread cinnamon and brown: Natalina this thread is nothing but cinnamon rolls prepared in pie shape

5. Rabanada condensed milk: This more traditional option of toast differs from others by being fried in butter instead of regular oil. Worth a try!

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

6. Pineapple Pie: The best part of this revenue, plus the fact that it is a delight, is that it only take three ingredients and is very easy to prepare.

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7. Panetone ice cream with Greek yogurt : Ice cream Panettone is a great choice of refreshing recipe for Christmas in full Brazilian summer and cherries help to make the dish even more Natalino.

8. Coconut Sweet two layers: This recipe is very versatile and can be done in a single portion or in small portions into bowls to serve your guests.

9. Chocolate Pave: What about this recipe? You'll always have someone to do the joke "is pavé or pacumê?". If you are willing to tolerate it, go ahead.

10. Cheesecake Nutella: If there is one ingredient that everyone likes, this is certainly the hazelnut cream. It is the typical recipe that will leave everyone "drooling".

11. cherry pie: Is there anything hotter than a warm pie after a beautiful Christmas dinner? Worth a try this sugary delight!

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Photo: Playback / Collective Kitchen

Photo: Playback / Collective Kitchen

12. Gingerbread: Learn from this recipe how to make traditional and cute gingerbread cookies that are the face of Christmas.

13. Chocolate Cake: This is not any chocolate cake is a cake specially adorned for the occasion. To leave more revenue Natalina, you should decorate the plate with pomegranates or nuts - or both combined.

14. Cake bundt: Another delicious bundt cake recipe with cinnamon rolls to make everyone's mouth water this Christmas.

15. cream Chocotone: What could be better to refresh your Christmas a cold chocotone? The recipe calls for ice cream and should be kept cool. It's a great choice of dessert for lunch on the 25th.

salty Christmas recipes

16. Tender to orange sauce: Another recipe with a touch sweet for those who enjoy the tasty blend of sweet with salty. The tender is a typical Christmas meat and goes very well with the meal the night before.

Photo: Playback / Gordelicias

Photo: Playback / Gordelicias

17. Leg of lamb with white bean puree: The sweet flavor of mashed blends perfectly with the rich and full-bodied taste of lamb, an excellent choice for dinner or Christmas lunch.

18. Salad couscous: This dish is colorful, healthy and is a great accompaniment to a Thanksgiving turkey.

19. mining the tenderloin: Despite being a more time-consuming and labor-intensive recipe, it is a succulent option for pork lovers.

20. Roast turkey with lemon butter: If you often find the turkey meat a little dry, this recipe can change your opinion about the bird. How it is prepared and baked slowly with the butter, the meat is tender and juicy because it absorbs the product. Worth trying!

21. Wild rice with asparagus and sleeve: This dish is the right choice for those who want to impress guests with a rice unconventional and very rich in different flavors and textures.

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

22. Christmas Lasagna: The lasagna is a very common dish on the table everyday of the Brazilian, but this has a special touch Christmas: is prepared with tender instead of the traditional ham.

23. Chicken Salpicão: The salami is that traditional recipe that usually cause much controversy: some people love and some people hate. So it is worth checking the likes of his "clientele" and find out if they like or not to mix sweet and savory and adapt your salami to the taste of the guests.

24. Codfish au gratin: Portuguese or no family, the fact is that cod is a fish that usually please many palates and where it is worth investing. If possible, buy it now clean and chips, to facilitate preparation.

25. Chicken with green grape sauce and honey: I want to prepare a dish with chicken but running the most common recipes? Bet this sweet sauce to surprise your guests at the Christmas dinner!

26. Ham stuffed olives: The delicious filling brings not only olives, but also grated carrots, garlic flakes, oregano, rosemary and thyme, a different way of presenting the traditional pork in your Christmas.

Photo: Playback / Cooking Two

Photo: Playback / Cooking Two

27. Tenderloin with manioc flour and bacon: If tenderloin is already tasty, with bacon, is sure to succeed! Vale add lemon and herbs to give an extra special flavor to the dish.

28. Peru with peaches and rosemary: Another juicy idea of ​​preparing the traditional peru Natalino.

29. Rice with meat and spices: Despite being well increased and have a lot of presence, this recipe is totally uncomplicated and will please many tastes.

30. Couscous Moroccan chicken, nuts and raisins: The curry prepared with couscous, which is a slightly spicy seasoning, gains even more flavor and texture to the mixture of raisins and nuts. Try and impress your Christmas guests.