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Hard to find someone in the chill, do not give a delicious caldo verde! Success in most homes, especially in winter, this is a traditional Portuguese soup made based on potatoes and cabbage cut into thin strips.

But as creativity is keyword in the kitchen, over time there were many variations of the traditional recipe: for example, cauliflower replacing the potatoes; bacon instead of pepperoni sausage; light versions and / or without meat, etc.

That is, when it comes to green juice today, there are no rules! The important thing is to find ingredients that combine with each other, ensuring a soup to sustain, warm (in the case of cold days) and tickle the taste!

Although "like a natural fit" in winter, green broth can also be taken at other times of year, being served less hot (just let cool slightly before serving) and / or those balmy evenings!

Inspire yourself with the recipes below and make your green broth whenever the mood strikes, be it basic or more elaborate light!

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simple and tasty broths

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1. Basic Green Broth: to make this simple recipe you need only onion, garlic, potatoes, sausage, vegetable broth, salt and black pepper kingdom. Great choice for dinner at a more fresquinho day.

2. mother Caldo verde: a warm broth, washed down with oil, falls nicely, huh? Even better if accompanied by a freshly baked bread! The preparation of the broth is easy and the result is an ideal meal for the cold days!

3. Simple Green Broth: easy to do, but full of flavor! You will use potatoes, garlic and onion chopped, chicken broth, oil, salt, black pepper kingdom, water, cabbage cut butter and smoked pepperoni sausage.

4. Green Broth beaten: the recipe takes only potatoes, cabbage, garlic, onions, pepperoni sausage, olive oil, salt, black pepper and cumin kingdom. The trick is to chop the kale short and thin, which makes it much easier when making soup. And you can add more or less water as you like.

5. creamy green broth: You will need cabbage, green onions, potatoes, salt, pepperoni or bacon, filtered water, chicken broth and seasoning to taste. In this recipe, the broth gets firmer texture, but if you prefer a thinner soup, just add more water.

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6. practical Caldo verde: tasty, nutritious, easy to prepare and with ingredients that are easily found, this green juice can be done at any time of year, but of course is in winter that is more successful!

7. Green Broth in pressure: You will need onions, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepperoni sausage, broth, potatoes cut into large pieces, water and cabbage chopped butter. After basically everything goes to the pressure cooker for about 12 minutes. Ie a fast and easy preparation!

8. Broth green with yellow sweet potato: Simple, colorful and very tasty is the ideal recipe for cold nights! You will use basically the sweet potato, pepperoni sausage, cabbage, garlic and onion.

9. Green broth with smoked sausage: a soup-cream so easy and practical to do as comforting, delicious and it's very cheap. Are just four ingredients, 20 minutes and will be guaranteed many compliments.

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10. Green Broth with cauliflower: a less caloric version of the traditional green broth to help "those who want to keep fit." The recipe calls cauliflower, garlic, onions, cabbage, water, salt, chorizo ​​and olive oil.

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11. Green yam broth: good tip for those who like to vary, yam replaces the potato in this caldo verde version. Besides it, you will need onions, pepperoni sausage, oil, salt, nutmeg, cabbage and black pepper kingdom.

12. Green cornmeal broth: to make this delicious soup, a good tip is to do it in high pot because she sneezes a lot and you can get burned. The preparation is very simple, the recipe is vegan and serves up to 2 people.

13. broth with green broccoli: a delicious and smooth recipe that, in addition to broccoli, leads potatoes, cassava, garlic, pepper pout, pepperoni sausage, olive oil and salt.

14. Green Broth with what you have: the trick is to make this broth with cabbage, carrots, chayote, zucchini, garlic, onions, or simply what you have in the fridge! Good alternative for when you give that will take a little soup, but you had not prepared for a very elaborate recipe!

15. refogadinho Caldo verde: the preparation is simple and the result is a very tasty broth. The trick is to fry a slice of chopped pepperoni (in its own fat) and then throw the chopped cabbage on top, waiting wilt a little.

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16. Caldo neat green: to make this broth full of flavor, you need potatoes, Portuguese sausage, bacon, onion, garlic, bay leaves, kale, black pepper kingdom, oil and water.

17. broth with green touch meat: easy to prepare, the tip is to serve this soup with toasted French bread or warm, and a drizzle of olive oil on top. A warm meal to anyone find fault!

18. Green broth with bacon: the preparation is easy and takes about 40 minutes, yielding 4 servings. You will use extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic, potatoes, vegetable broth, kale, salt and black pepper kingdom.

19. Green Broth with braid cheese: a quick and easy soup to make, and very tasty! There is no secret, you basically use chopped vegetables, spices and a mixer or blender. Ideal for cold and lazy nights.

broths elaborated

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Photo: Playback / No measure

20. Caldo green courgette: a healthy and very tasty soup. You need courgettes, onions, garlic, chayote, water, salt, olive oil and chorizo.

21. Green broth with sausage: the sausage gives a special touch to this broth! The trick is to still use a good vegetable broth to make this delight, and a good olive oil to sauté the vegetables, as it also makes a difference in the outcome.

22. Green broth with cassava, sausage and smoked ribs: a gluten recipe. In this delicious broth, as well as yucca, you will use strips of smoked ribs, ham sausage, olive oil, water, onion, garlic, pepper, kale and parsley.

23. Green broth with bacon and sausage: a broth full of flavor, especially due to the use of bacon and sausage. Besides them, you will need cabbage, water, chicken broth, potatoes and toast.

24. Green Broth with pepperoni and bacon: to make this more than full green broth, you will need potatoes, olive oil, onion, garlic, pepperoni, bacon, cabbage, draft of chicken or beef, salt and black pepper kingdom .

25. Green Broth with pepperoni and pork ribs: there are no secrets to prepare this soup that usually appeals to everyone in the house! You will use potatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil, pepperoni sausage, smoked pork rib (optional), salt, black pepper kingdom and cabbage.

26. Green broth with spinach, leek and pepper: Easy to prepare, this soup is made in the pressure cooker to speed cooking. The various ingredients used, such as onions, garlic, sausage etc., guarantee much flavor to the broth, which is the ideal meal on cold days!

27. Green broth with white wine Touch: Revenue from traditional Portuguese caldo verde, that yields six servings. You will use potatoes, sausage, cabbage, onion, garlic, olive oil, sour cream, vegetable broth, white wine, salt and pepper.

28. broth with green touch of sweet paprika and bay: easy to prepare and full of flavor. If you find it easier, needless to braise cabbage, it can be put raw even in the hot broth, but the tip is lightly fry it just to get a taste of pepperoni.

light broths and healthy

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29. Caldo fit Green: unfortunately, for those on diet, traditional Portuguese soup is not very suitable, because it takes a lot of English potatoes and sausage. But what about reducing the amount of English potatoes, adding sweet potatoes and remove the sausage ?!

30. Caldo green light: this potato recipe is replaced by cauliflower, which is much lighter (it has much less carbohydrates and calories, with a little more protein). If you want to let your green broth further light, you can change the sausage for another leaner option such as chicken breast or turkey.

31. Green light broth with turkey breast: light version of this delight, it takes only two potatoes and sausage is replaced by turkey breast. The result is basically the same flavor of traditional and creamy and delicious little soup, but with fewer calories.

32. Green soup detox: a delicious and no carb version. Also, this soup is rich in foods that help to detox process, such as broccoli, cabbage and lemon. Well worth a try!

33. Green Broth with low carb cauliflower: as cauliflower traditionally replaces potatoes in some dishes on a low-carb diet, nothing more obvious than risk a green low carb soup! The result is amazing and as cloying as the version with potatoes.

34. Green Broth low carb with chayote: a delicious green juice on a low carb version and healthier. Super easy to make and so delicious as the original recipe. The chayote enters replacing the potato and, of course, giving good texture and flavor to the soup.

35. Caldo simple vegan green: to make this delicious vegan broth, you need only garlic, onion, English potatoes, water, cabbage and salt. How does not take sausage or sausage, it is a lighter version compared to the traditional recipe.

36. Green pea broth vegan: delicious and rich in calcium. This stock, in addition to being nutritious, has a beautiful color, so even children who are not very "fans" of soup or green foods, will want to prove it!

37. Organic Green Broth: This recipe yields four servings and you need broccoli, organic brown rice, functional green cubes, onion, garlic, organic virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper kingdom and grated Parmesan cheese.

Now, when you make your next green broth, you already know you can escape rather traditional and make a more or less elaborate soup, with ingredients that suit you! And to do justice to the name caldo verde, basically, just do not forget the cabbage cut into thin strips!