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Caused by numerous factors, melasma is a pigment skin disorder characterized by dark spots. It is much more common in the face, but may appear in other parts of the body as well.

Because they are mostly in a more visible area (the face), the fact is that these spots are bother and concern among people who have them. Therefore, most of them strives to treat the problem.

Flavia de Oliveira José, pharmaceutical Doce Plant, Professor of Cosmetology and coordinator of the technical course of Pharmacy Esaup (School of Piracicaba Health), points out that melasma (dark spots on the skin) is caused by numerous problems such as hormonal disorders, medicines and the most common: the wrong exposure (without sunscreen use, misuse or under it) and overexposure to the sun.

And a product that has currently highlighted in the treatment of melasma is Vitacid Plus. But is it really effective? Acts as the reduction of spots? Who can use it?

Flavia points out that the Vitacid Plus is a drug, not a cosmetic (OTC product). Ie requires prescription and a physician monitoring to be used, as it can cause serious side effects if used improperly.

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As age and for whom it is indicated Vitacid Plus?

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Renata Domingues, dermatologist, member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD), dermatocosmiatria professor of the Graduate Institute of Dermatology (IMS), says that the Vitacid Plus is a traditional formula, which a few years ago was only achieved by manipulation. "Until now it was known as 'formula Kligman'. The arrival of this drug on the market was a major breakthrough, "he says.

"The Vitacid Plus consists of retinoic acid (tretinoin), which stimulates the production of collagen and increases penetration of other active through microesfoliação; hydroquinone, active with lightening effect; and low-dose corticosteroids, which has soothing action to reduce effects of the other two assets, and also lighten the skin. It is indicated for patients who want to whiten the skin, especially in the case of melasma and post-inflammatory darkening, "says Renata.

Helena Costa, a member of the Brazilian Laser Society of Medicine and Surgery and dermatologist Clinic Helena Costa, in Rio de Janeiro, says that the retinoid present in Vitacid Plus promotes: cell renewal, epidermal thinning, collagen stimulation, control oiliness, reduction of pores, smoothing fine lines, improve skin texture. "It hydroquinone acts clearing the spots. So the product is suitable for aged skin, stained, rough, oily, "he adds.

Where to buy Vitacid Plus?

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The drug can be found in most pharmacies. The Internet find the lowest price in Vitacid Plus Drugstore Onofre where it is sold for about 67 reais. However, it should be sold only by prescription. "The pharmacy does not need to retain the recipe, but you must present it at the time of purchase," says Flavia.

The pharmaceutical notes that there are still similar to Vitacid Plus, as the Tri-Luma American HILL laboratory LABORATORIES, INC and EMS lab Trilunox.

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It is noteworthy that these similar drugs also should not be used without medical advice.

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Using the Vitacid Plus?

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Flavia remember that as the Vitacid Plus is a medicine, its use should be made according to medical or pharmaceutical guidelines. "Overall, first must sanitize the face gently and dry it. The drug should be used at night. Prior to bedtime, about 30 minutes before, to apply a thin layer of Vitacid Plus areas of melasma (pigmented area). Massaging light and evenly over the skin. In the morning, the face should be washed to complete removal cream, "explains pharmacist.

Flavia adds that the use of a sunscreen of SPF 30 / PPD 10 at least is essential. "It is essential to avoid exposure to the sun, beach and pools (should stop 15 days before using the cream and it is still recommended not to expose themselves excessively to the sun). Remember that the sun is the greatest villain, causing melasma "he says.

A dermatologist Helena explains that applying it every night across the face, initially, it is possible the skin to sensitize a little. "And then we have to apply every other day, until the skin suits," he says.

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Renata points out that the ideal is that the patient seek medical expert to see the actual statement and use the medicine according to the indications of it. "Usually it is best to use at night. To reduce the chances of side effects, such as irritation, flaking and redness, is indicated to pass a very thin layer on the skin, "adds the dermatologist.

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Anyone who has used Vitacid Plus

In the blogosphere, some women have reported their experiences with Vitacid Plus. This is the case of Hiana Santana, Vanity Curious blog. In the video below, Flávia Koloske also talks about using Vitacid Plus:

It might be interesting to check the opinion of bloggers on the medicine and see what results they have obtained with treatment. But it is worth remembering, each case is different.

The Vitacid Plus should be used only when indicated by a dermatologist and, in addition, their use should always be done according to the guidelines of your physician (not a friend, or known blogger who used).

There are other uses for Vitacid Plus?

Flavia points out that, as the Vitacid Plus is a drug, not a cosmetic, the only indication should be respected contained in the leaflet, it is that the laboratory registered with ANVISA and guarantees and know the effects.

"In case Vitacid Plus is indicated only for the treatment of short melasma. However, some doctors prescribe to treat acne, especially in people who have hyperpigmentation (increase in skin pigmentation) on the premises of acnes, "adds the pharmaceutical.

Contraindications of Vitacid Plus

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The Helena professionals, Renata and Flavia talk about the contraindications of Vitacid Plus:

  • It is contraindicated for persons under 18;
  • For patients with allergy and / or sensitivity to the components of the formula;
  • For very sensitive skin;
  • For people who tend to have telangiectasia (vessels);
  • For pregnant.

Care during treatment

The professionals speak about the care that treatment with Vitacid Plus requires:

  • Renata explains that one should always use a thin layer of the product overnight.
  • Renata adds that one should discontinue use three days before hair removal or skin cleansing in the area that the drug is being used.
  • Helena points out that the skin tends to become sensitized by the use of acid, so it is very important to use sunscreen and avoid sun exposure.
  • Flavia adds that in addition to these precautions, it is essential not to abrasive treatments such as chemical or physical peeling.

Tretinoin and Hydroquinone against stains

Flavia explains that interferes hydroquinone mainly in the production of new melanin, inhibiting tyrosinase activity (enzyme that oxidizes the melanin). "Melanin is a pigment that protects our body against solar radiation. When it is produced, it is colorless but when reacted with tyrosinase, acquires brownish "comments.

"Second, slower, hydroquinone causes structural changes in the membranes of organelles of melanocytes (cells that produce melanin), accelerating the degradation of melanosomes (organelle where melanin synthesis and deposition occurs)" explains the pharmaceutical.

Already tretinoin, adds Flavia, it has keratolytic action. "In other words, break the keratin, the main constituent of the first layer of skin, where it disperses melanin. Thus the stain is removed more quickly by peeling effect (cell renewal) and for allowing thus deeper penetration of hydroquinone "he says.

The fluocinolone, in turn, explains Flavia, is a corticosteroid. "So, it promotes an anti-inflammatory action to ameliorate the irritating effects than tretinoin can cause. thus reducing the redness and swelling, "he says.

"So we can say that Vitacid Plus acts in various ways - which makes it a product of great and rapid efficiency," says the pharmaceutical.

Vitacid Plus manipulated: worth it?

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Flavia explains the formula Vitacid Plus can be manipulated, since it is prescribed by a physician.

The positive side, according to pharmaceuticals, is that the value of the product is handled normally lower than the value of industrial products. "It also has the benefit of being able to customize the formula according to the person. In this case, as the base oil free or gel, essence or not, or even the packaging, "he said.

So the ideal is always to talk to your doctor about the best option for your case.

Now you have all the information needed about the Vitacid Plus. But remember: it should be used only when indicated by a dermatologist. So if you are troubled with dark spots on the skin, do not hesitate to seek a professional who will indicate the best type of treatment for you!