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For those who want to lose a few kilos on the scales, all help is welcome, provided they do not offer health risks! Currently on the market there are many products that promise to give a forcinha the weight loss diet, although in a "natural" way.

Within this context, a product line has enough attracted the attention of women: the Lipomax, which can be found in capsule form or shake, and promises to decreased absorption of fat eaten in food, in addition to reducing cholesterol.

Flavia de Oliveira José, pharmaceutical company Sweet Flora and coordinator of the Technical Course in Pharmacy, School of Health of Piracicaba (Esaup), explains that the Lipomax is a dietary supplement and is not considered a drug. It consists of polysaccharide fiber, and vitamin C.

According to the manufacturer's product information, the polysaccharide fiber acts on the metabolism in fat absorption of ingested food and reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.

When ingested with water, it turns into a kind of gel that captures the fat present in the food, preventing their digestion and absorption by the body. Since vitamin C, potentiates the effects of polysaccharide fiber, improving even further the absorption of fat cells.

It is effective for those who want to lose weight?

In Flavia drugmaker's opinion, the product associated with a reduced calorie diet (low calorie), can aid in weight loss regimes. "If used as directed, the Lipomax is effective but, either to reduce fat and cholesterol, and even weight loss," she says.

"Remember that losing weight requires lifestyle changes: reduce the intake of high-calorie foods (such as bread, pastries, pasta, soft drinks, alcohol) and physical activity. It is known that 'miracles' do not exist and that a healthy weight loss should be slow, even to prevent the dreaded 'accordion effect', "he adds.

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Lipomax capsules and shake Lipomax

The pharmaceutical Lipomax Flavia explains that is found in capsules (60 capsules polysaccharide fibers and vitamin C) and also in shake version. "The shakes are enriched with vitamins, minerals and collagen to fight the flab. Seven individual sachets of 50g which come with skim milk, "he says.

As should be consumed

"It is recommended to take two capsules of Lipomax three times a day before meals with a full glass of water. But the sachet shake must be diluted in 250 ml of water to replace one meal a day, "explains pharmacist.

Also according to the Lipomax manufacturer information, for faster results, it is recommended to use both products in parallel: take the capsules before eating meals and replace one of the shake.

Lipomax: how much? See prices and where to buy

Lipomax even lose weight? Pharmaceutical clarifies - Women Tips

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According to the pharmaceutical Flavia, the packaging of capsules 60 Lipomax costs around $ 30 to US $ 40 R. "Remember that, following the guidance of use of two capsules three times a day, three packages will be needed with 60 capsules per month, totaling a monthly fee of around R $ 120," he explains.

Already shake the package contains seven individual sachets and the value is around R $ 20 to R $ 25. "As the use of suggestion is to substitute a daily meal for a sachet of Lipomax, would need about four boxes totaling a monthly amount of approximately R $ 100," adds Flavia.

The Lipomax can be found in several pharmacies in all states of Brazil. On the official website, you will find a list of names of those locations. The internet, you can buy Lipomax in capsules and shake with great prices on Netfarma. They deliver all over Brazil.

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While marketing the Lipomax is authorized and your purchase does not require prescription, it is worth consulting a doctor or nutritionist before consuming the product. This is the best way to know if it really will be effective for your slimming diet and also, if not offer any risk to your health.


As explained by the pharmaceutical Flavia, there is contraindicated for persons with allergies to fish or crustaceans - as the fiber used comes from crustaceans - pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. In the case of shake, it is contraindicated for people with lactose intolerance as it contains dehydrated skim milk.

Accounts of those who took the Lipomax

Renata Lima, 22, student, says that the first week we took, lost three kilos. After that, the weight loss was a little slower, but still satisfactory. "He inhibit appetite and gave me the feeling of 'fullness', that is, I did not eat anything for gluttony" he says. But she points out that the use of Lipomax was associated with physical exercise and balanced meals.

As for Helen Fernanda, 26, secretary, the result was not positive. "I took two weeks and the problems started. I felt shortness of breath, nausea and a lot of irritation. I think it really goes from body to body. But I would not recommend it, "he says.

Laura Melani, 31, teacher, took Lipomax for about a month. "I had read a lot about it and I was curious to try. I had no side effects, but have not seen results. I even lose weight, but at the same rate that was already thinning, by making physical activity and control my diet. That is, not because of the use of the product, "he says.