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The idea of ​​traveling alone, for those who never had the experience, may seem a bit intimidating at first. Many women, even though they will cease to travel for fear of what might happen due to the fact of being alone.

However, this reality of fear tends to turn into empowerment and independence, as more and more women are leaving their fears aside and leaving for the adventures and delights that a trip in the company of themselves can provide.

The women's independence has been gaining strength over the years and the trend is that more and more women do more things without relying on someone who was supposed to be there to convey more security, "we won a lot of freedom in all areas of our lives and, with it, the desire to explore new environments without necessarily someone to accompany us, is proof of that independence of reality, "said Ana Maria Santana, operational director of Schultz Tour Operator.

For the trip out as planned, care is the same for any type of travel, such as information about the destination, have the necessary documents, and reserve the place of stay in advance.

Hire a tour company is also an added security option, but not rule. "The fact of being a woman should not be a deterrent so that no one be afraid or feel discouraged to face an adventure is a business, leisure or sport," adds Ana Maria.

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10 tips to enjoy a trip alone

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If you desire to start traveling alone, but not how to get started, check out some tips that can be helpful when planning and executing your trip. In addition, the Viajali travel site has a list of 10 reasons why every woman traveling alone at least once in life, is worth reading.

1. Hit the choice of destination

Surely you have a goal in mind when deciding to travel and it takes the right choice from the options that each destination has to offer. If the traveler is a teenager and the purpose is leisure and language study, some destinations are more recommended, "targets that have youth leisure options such as the United States, with the amusement parks or even high schools to study languages. Canada also has good options for schools and for a price even more accessible, "says Ana Maria.

If the order is well shaken cultural life, some European countries are the most recommended. "London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, ... despite being big cities, locomotion is very simple and all speak English. Even Paris, which, although more resistant to English, communication is possible, "recommends Ana Maria. To choose the destination, so it is essential that women trace their goals and choose the destination that offer more advantages.

2. Plan some details in advance

After the destiny, some details can be planned. As with any journey, if the intention is to save, as soon as the tickets are purchased the greater the chance of getting low rates. The same goes for hotel reservations if you decide to stay in one. "Ideally look for, on average, two months in advance," recommends Ana Maria.

Another tip is to find out if the desired time for the trip is high season for that destination. If so, you may need to start planning even sooner.

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3. Do not forget your documents

Check in advance which documents are required for the chosen destination, such as passport and visa. It is important to always walk with your documents to avoid possible confusion to be without them, especially in international destinations. Also keep at least one certified copy to possible cases of loss or theft.

4. Make your stay in a safe place

A great way to find out if the hotel or hostel you will stay reliable, is reading accounts of people who stayed in these places. Be especially attentive to reports of women, so that you will have a sense of how your experience will be there. Sites like Trip Advisor and Hostel World and offer a choice of hotels and hostels also show the ratings and guest accounts.

5. Make a local friend

Even the best-known destinations can store tourism options that only local people know. To enjoy your trip in a different way, some sites like Rent A Local Friend offer the possibility to communicate with local people selected destination and match tours. It's like having a tour guide who understands everything about that place and also a company for the times when you feel lonely while traveling.

Other sites like Couch Surfing offer the possibility of staying in the native home. Usually these and other similar sites have assessment options for you to read reports from those who have used these services and make sure to be safe.

6. Learn the local language

If your destination is outside the country, master at least the basics of the local language is very important, since you'll be alone and will probably need to request information from local residents. If your destination is France, for example, it is good to know that the country is a little tough to English, especially in smaller cities and away from Paris. Knowing some of the language and have a dictionary of useful words inside the bag will facilitate your stay.

7. To not feel alone, stay in a hostel

Traveling alone is not necessarily synonymous with spending the whole trip alone. Experience in hostels usually allow you to meet people from different places and cultures. You can often find people who are also traveling alone, which is a great opportunity to make friends and get companies to sightseeing.

8. Keep in phones useful hands

Have some useful phones like the Brazilian embassy that location or tourist police in cases of international travel, can help you. Do not hesitate to contact them in case of difficulties. It is useful also have noted the phone where you are staying.

9. Learn to manage your money

Remember that you are traveling alone, so plan well as'll need and keep a little money on paper with you always. Not everywhere credit cards and find a seat 24 can be an arduous task. In cases of international travel may be a need to unlock your cards in the bank to use it on the trip. Check what is the local currency of the destination in question and make the exchange. There is also the option to purchase prepaid cards for incidentals.

10. Try to take the least possible things

The task of making the suitcase can be difficult and have to leave some things aside may seem hopeless, but it is important to be objective and take only what is useful. Remember that the more things you get, the harder it will carry your suitcase. Especially in cases of travel backpacking style, the lighter the bag, more convenient transportation. The smaller the bag, the easier it is also to keep it in hostels, as probably the cabinets offered range from small to medium size.

10 reasons for you to travel alone

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There are numerous advantages of traveling alone. Check out reasons that make the option of traveling without company be a great choice:

1. There is no need to schedule your calendar with someone else

Your days off to travel may not be compatible with those of friends, family or boyfriend (a). Do not let this be a deterrent for you to enjoy your days off traveling and having fun on the destination you choose. When traveling alone is no need to wait for the availability of no one but his own.

2. It is dangerous to travel alone

Often insecurity is a major impediment to women traveling alone. Keep in mind that risks do exist, but these risks are the same you being accompanied or not. Keep calm and follow the safety tips that are given to any traveler, such as always walk with your documents, have noted useful phones and staying in trusted locations.

"Care all have to have regardless of gender. Some Arab culture of countries, for example, require local behaviors that should be followed when it is there, "Ana Maria guides. "We have to respect the culture of each location, following the traditions of environments that are even more inmates for women. However, this should not be a deterrent to experience the beauty of the region, "he adds.

3. You dictate the pace of the trip

When traveling alone you are free to plan our trips as you like. Unlike accompanied trips, you dictate the itinerary according to what suits you best and therefore makes better use of the trip.

4. You absorb more local culture

When traveling alone some details that go unnoticed if you were accompanied, become rich, since you pay more attention at all. The process of immersion in the local culture is certainly much deeper when you are alone.

5. More likely to make friends

When you travel with a group of friends, family or as a couple, usually the chance to meet new people is lower. When traveling alone you are more likely to meet local people or people who are also traveling alone.

6. It is a time dedicated entirely to you

Traveling alone is reunited, it is an individual learning time and may serve to replenish your spent energies in the rush of day-to-day. Take advantage of this time and devote yourself only to their wills. Time alone and away from it all will give you the strength to return to everyday life exuding mood and creativity.

7. Unusual Experiences

If you are traveling together and, for example, contemplate eating a typical local delicacy, there's always the chance of anyone discourage you. The same goes for unusual tours and anything you want to do. But when you're alone, who dictates what you will eat or do is just yourself.

8. You come off with no worries

Anonymity is certainly an advantage when traveling alone. You can have a fun night without the worry of being remembered for it in the following days. A single trip also provides more freedom to let loose and literally dance like nobody's watching.

9. Traveling alone helps to change reality

Fortunately the trend is that more women start getting in the habit of traveling alone. In addition to the numerous advantages, you help change the reality of fear that many women still live and thus inspired to do the same. "We just change a reality in practice, so the more women traveling, the more the world will open up for people that enjoy this incomparable pleasure it is to know a new culture," says Ana Maria.

10. You can!

Although you say you can not travel alone because it is a woman and women are helpless, know that you can do. Incidentally, you can anything you want. Show the world that you are not less capable on account of their gender. Regardless of the chosen destination in Brazil or in another country, traveling alone is always empowering and inspiring.

The best places to travel alone

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A survey conducted by Booking pointed out that in September the increase in individual travel more than 100%. The advantages of traveling at this time is that, being low season, regardless of the destination there is the presence of crowds.

For those who do not enjoy trips with a lot of movement, this is the best time to travel. Another advantage of the low season is the possibility of economy, as airline tickets and hotels have lower prices at this time.

The Booking also selected the top 5 destinations for those who want to travel alone (a), according to the evaluations of (the) individual travelers. Check it:

  • Warsaw (Poland): The capital of Poland guard itself deep scars of World War II and is the ideal destination for the traveler who likes to observe the marks of history. The city is full of palaces and museums that were reerguidos after the war.
  • Zagreb (Croatia): This destination is ideal for the traveler seeking cultural tours and visits to museums and galleries, and offers many cozy cafes.
  • Verona (Italy): This town, despite the romantic ideals air for couples, it is also a great destination for individual travelers. The warm hospitality of the city combined the historical landscapes are the strengths of this destination.
  • Cape Town (South Africa): This is the ideal destination for the traveler who wants to beaches, beautiful natural landscapes, historic buildings and all combined with a hectic social life.
  • Belgrade (Serbia): The strengths of this destination are the good food and friendly people. It is a quiet town, great to ride a bike or even walk along the river and so know the city.

Tips and reports of women traveling alone

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Jullie, traveling alone for nine years: I had the feeling of freedom and at the same time the fear of walking into the unknown. I am an archaeologist and also the academic area, so much of my trips were to the field or congresses and meetings, I went through several states in Brazil and Argentina was once. I do not think they had a better place, every place is unique even visiting more than once, because every experience we also are not the same.

Get organized financially is very important especially for those who are beginning to travel alone. Run out of money as well as some impossible choices can end the climate of the trip and even be dangerous. Recalling that unforeseen happen, so it's normal to spend more than originally planned, so it's nice to calculate a margin for those extra despezas, become ill or want to buy the most ever happens!

Camila, traveling alone for 5 years: I have an immense affection today by the cities I've visited. Are as dear people to me. I've been in Minas (went down the Royal Road, visited several historical cities in more than one occasion, I made tracks, it took me days to get to some places and had to sleep in cities by the way), in Bahia, in Rio, in Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte and Uruguay. You can not tell which is the best because I think unfair, you know? But Cabo Polonio experience in Uruguay was one of the most extreme things in my life.

Always I know amazing people and make friends traveling. But always has a suitcase man who comes to fill my bag ... But that is not so different from when I'm home, right? My tip for women who want to start traveling alone is that it searches all you can about the places where it goes. Moreover, it is Brazilian, already know how to take care of. They are the same care that you have in the city where you live. But still I recommend listening to your intuition, because, on the road, she'll yell at you. So to hear that voice saying it's not to go to such a place that day, do not go.

Marina, traveling alone for three years: I think the biggest advantage is the freedom! You do what you want, go wherever in the timeline you prefer. In addition, people come to talk almost instantly, giving the opportunity to make many new friends. I made friends of various nationalities and of course some Brazilian friends too. It was very liberating, is a unique experience and I think we all should do this.

Unfortunately, I still think the inevitable sense of insecurity in some situations, especially for a woman alone. How to catch a taxi late or walk the streets late at night. It bothered me a little in Brussels (Belgium) and Iquitos (Peru) how men besieging verbally. Despite being stolen in Arequipa, as I did not get to see the act, I did not feel unsafe at any time. But I do not think anything has gone through during my travels, that is different than I spend (or have spent) in Brazil, often in the city I live.

Priscilla, traveling alone for 10 years: The biggest advantages of traveling alone are able to make their way programming you want and change plans along the way without having to ask anyone's opinion. It's exciting and a real learning. Sense of freedom. Do not be afraid. Open your mind and allow. The whole world is waiting to be explored.

Paula, traveling alone for 5 years: I traveled alone to Australia and the USA. In both I was spending a few months and Australia was amazing because it was the first experience, unlike anything you've ever experienced. Away with time hard time to contact Brazil. But it was enriching learn about new cultures, meet people from around the world, not to mention the place, which is incredibly beautiful! It was a mixture of excitement, anxiety, fear, insecurity and joy.

When you are alone, there is always more open to meet people, which can result in amazing friendships. For the woman who wants to start traveling alone I recommend you look them well before the trip not to fall into pierced, after all cultures are different and we need to understand to respect them, and be brave. Is it worth!