Pantogar: a miracle against hair loss - Women Tips

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"My heart medicine is Pantogar. I tried for a while and I can not live without. Hair grows faster and stronger, the nail does not break until the skin appears to improve "- that's how many women have described the seemingly awesome power of Pantogar. Ask questions about the product, its uses and risks involved in the treatment.

What is it and how is Pantogar?

According to the package leaflet, the Pantogar is a combination of keratin, cystine and other associations of substances, indicated for "diffuse hair loss (hair loss for unknown reasons). Degenerative changes in the structure of hair (hair weakened, thin, non-ductile, brittle, lifeless, opaque and colorless); hair damaged by sunlight and UV radiation; preventing the onset of gray. Disorders in the growth of nails (brittle nails, cracked and slightly flexible). "

A dermatologist Helena Zantut states that "Pantogar is a pool of vitamins and amino acids that help in the formation of hair and by." In other words, this product meets the lack of several vitamins in the body and, therefore, can obtain good results in the treatment of loss and weakening of the wires.

The Pantogar really work?

According to data for the medicinal site, some research with Pantogar of users show that about 70% of these women claim that the treatment results exceeded their expectations.

Helena is more weighted to give your opinion about the product: "[the Pantogar] is very good, but the woman has to be in need of these vitamins and, above all, find out the cause of hair loss."

For this, the best advice is always seek a dermatologist you trust, so that he can specifically evaluate her condition and prescribe the best treatment. "It is not recommended to go without taking vitamins because it can bring physical problems", explains the expert.

What precautions necessary to ensure the best results?

To consult a dermatologist, you must provide it with all relevant information about your problem. If that takes your sleep is hair loss, thinning of wires or nails, you need to thoroughly investigate the cause of symptoms, and only then determine the appropriate medicine.

For Helena, the foods consumed on a daily basis also have great influence on the development of this type of health problem. Modifying the diet can, in some cases, to ensure better results than drug treatment. "The best thing is good food" ensures dermatologist.

You also need to determine if your wires are falling or just breaking, according to the product website. The Pantogar is able to stop the fall, increases metabolic root activity, active cell division and thereby stimulates the healthy growth of the wires. However, if your problem is the breakdown, it may not be the best solution.

How much does the treatment?

The Pantogar is not a cheap product - and this is one of the main complaints about the product found. In a survey in several pharmacies, the cash price of 90 tablets varies between R $ 140.57 and R $ 153.68. A box of 30 tablets out for almost a third of that, but as the recommended treatment is usually two to three capsules a day, not worth investing in the box with less.

An alternative is to have to manipulate the drug. Some reports realize that the effects are similar, and in some cases even more expressive. Just search for a compounding pharmacy to order the product - the value varies greatly from one establishment to another.

Warning: do not take drugs without prescription and medical advice.