20 combinations of fruit to make delicious smoothies - Women Tips

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Whether at breakfast, after lunch, after physical activity or simply in the afternoon ... Who can resist a delicious fruit juice and geladinho ?!

In addition to delicious, the juices made from fruits are supersaudáveis ​​and may be part of the daily life of anyone - even are great option to replace the consumption of soft drinks that do so much harm to health.

But attention, to enjoy the benefits, it is necessary that the juices are natural!

Below you can see, after all, what benefits the natural juices can offer to their health and meets a list of 20 delicious recipes and superpráticas you can start preparing today at home!

How to mix and create tasty fruit juices and different

You want to prepare juices with two or more fruits fleeing the most common combinations like pineapple and mint? How about doing these suggested mixtures? Try it!

  1. Pineapple with apple and ginger
    Blend together 4 pineapple slices, 1 apple seeded and 2 g of ginger.
  2. Grape with kiwi fruit and mint
    Blend together 1 full grape juice, 1 chopped kiwi and mint leaves to taste.
  3. Orange with apple
    Beat 1 orange juice with 2 apples.
  4. Mango Passion with
    Beat 1 cup passion fruit pulp with 800 ml of water and two sleeves cut into pieces. Strain and sweeten only if necessary.
  5. Passion fruit with banana
    Beat 1 dwarf banana, passion fruit 1 and 1½ cups of water. Coe. Use sugar only if necessary. Serve with ice.
  6. Acerola with orange
    Beat 6 acerolas with 80ml of orange juice and ½ cup of water. Coe. Sweeten only if necessary. Serve with ice.
  7. Sleeve with orange
    Beat ½ mango cut into pieces 1 orange juice. Coe. Serve with ice.
  8. Watermelon with strawberry
    Beat ½ watermelon with 8 strawberries. Coe. Sweeten only if necessary. Serve with ice.
  9. Guava and apple
    Beat 2 ripe guavas with 1 large apple and 1 liter of water. Coe. Sweeten only if necessary. Serve with ice.
  10. Melon with pineapple
    Tap ½ pineapple, melon and ½ 1 ½ cup kiwifruit water. Coe. Serve with ice.
  11. Orange with strawberry
    Hit the juice of 6 oranges with 6 medium strawberries. Coe. Sweeten only if necessary. Serve with ice.
  12. Orange with papaya
    Beat the 6 oranges with juice 1 medium papaya (crusts removed) chopped. Strain and sweeten only if necessary. Serve with ice.
  13. Melon with lemon and mint
    Hit 1 thick slice of melon, 1 cup water 1 teaspoon (soup) of mint and 1 tablespoon () lime. Sweeten if necessary. Serve with ice.
  14. Watermelon with lemon and mint
    Beat ½ watermelon, 1 lemon and 1 tablespoon (soup) of mint. Strain and serve with ice.
  15. Melon with strawberry
    Beat 2 medium melon slices with 1 cup (tea) ½ cup chopped strawberries and water. Strain and sweeten if necessary. Serve with ice.
  16. Watermelon with kiwi and passion fruit
    Beat 300g watermelon with 2 kiwis and 200ml passion fruit juice. Strain and sweeten if necessary.
  17. Pineapple, cherry and mint
    Tap ½ crushed pineapple (without coat and without core) with 15 acerolas, 1 tablespoon () of mint leaves and ½ cup of water. Strain and sweeten if necessary. Serve with ice.
  18. Watermelon with ginger
    Beat 3 slices of watermelon and 1 tablespoon grated ginger. Strain if necessary. Serve with ice.
  19. Acai with banana and orange
    Coat 200 g of frozen acai pulp with 400 ml of orange juice and banana 2 silver. It is ready to be taken.
  20. Cranberry with lemon
    Beat 1 cup (tea) of fresh blackberries with the juice of 1 lemon and 200 ml of coconut water. It is ready to be taken.

The secret to boost your juice

20 combinations of fruit to make delicious smoothies - Women Tips

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As mentioned, the juices are very beneficial, however, should not be consumed in excess. Note that contain fructose (fruit sugar) - which is rapidly metabolized by the body, releasing glucose rapidly into the bloodstream, and often contribute to fat storage (especially in the abdominal area).

But there is one tip that helps in leaving even healthier juice and reduce the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream: it is insert one fiber dessert spoon in his juice. For example:

  • 1 tablespoon of flaxseed flour;
  • 1 tablespoon green banana flour;
  • 1 tablespoon of seed soup;
  • 1 chia flour.

To post a more nutritious and tasty juice, other ingredients, as well as fruits and flours mentioned above, can be added, such as:

  • Herbs (mint, balm, chamomile, etc.)
  • Fruit peels
  • functional seeds (linseed, chia etc.)
  • And vegetables (cabbage, cucumber etc.)
  • Coconut water.

Another important tip is to avoid sweeten (either with sugar or with sweeteners) juices. Try to get used to the natural taste of the fruit - which is a delight!

How to prepare fruit pulp at home

20 combinations of fruit to make delicious smoothies - Women Tips

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Of course, to prepare the juice and take it on time, it is the most suitable. But if not possible, a good option is to bet on the fruit pulp.

However, if the buy ready pulp (at the supermarket, for example), the packaging check whether the product contains only frozen fruit without chemical additives (colorants, flavorings, acidulants). This is very important.

Another suggestion is to buy the fruit and make yourself the pads at home. Except banana and pear water, who do not have good results after thawing, all fruits can be frozen.

The main ways to turn fruit pulps are:

Freeze them natural: Wash, peel, remove the seeds and pack in plastic bags.

Freeze them as pulp or puree: peel, remove seeds and grind. For fruit dimming, it is recommended to add a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Freeze them with sugar: ideal for freezing fruits that are served in sweetened pastries or juices. Place the cleaned and dried fruit in a plastic container and throw a little sugar on top, so it is fully covered. Let stand until the fruit releases the juice and dissolve the sugar, and then put in the freezer.

Freeze them in syrup: Boil 1 cup of water and sugar; Place the fruit in a plastic container and cover completely with the syrup. For fruit dimming, it is recommended to add ½ teaspoon of lemon juice.

As the fruits have their own characteristics, they need special treatment so they can be frozen. Below you can see directions to freeze the main fruits mentioned in the above combinations of juices:

  • Pineapple: cut into slices or chunks, freeze in syrup or in the form of juice.
  • acerola: freeze the entire West Indian cherry, natural.
  • Blackberry: freeze the whole blackberries, natural.
  • Apple: peel, remove seeds, cut into slices and freeze in syrup adding a little lemon juice.
  • Mango: peel, cut into slices and freeze in syrup.
  • Passion fruit: Blend together slightly, strain and freeze pulp.
  • Melon: peel, cut into pieces and freeze in syrup.
  • Strawberry: freeze the whole strawberries, natural.
  • Papaya: freeze to pieces with sugar.
  • Watermelon: freeze to pieces, natural.
  • Grape: wash and dry the grapes, remove seeds and freeze them to the natural.

natural juice, soda or processed juice?

20 combinations of fruit to make delicious smoothies - Women Tips

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No use to cheat: the natural juices are always healthier options when compared to soft drinks, regardless of calorie - often cited in the case of "zero soda."

That's because the juice provides important vitamins and minerals for the functioning of the body. In contrast, the refrigerant provides high amount of sodium and chemical additives which accumulate toxins in the body and hinder its operation.

Regarding juices processed fruits (canister), it is noteworthy that most of the options available in the market is not recommended by nutritionists. This is because such products contain lots of sugar or sweeteners - in light and diet versions - and chemical additives (colorings, flavorings, acidulants), which hinder the proper functioning of the body.

Thus, it is clear: you should always give preference to natural fruit juices, prepared at home with one or more fruit (among other ingredients).

I like the tips? Now you have great ideas of combinations to make good juices at home!

Remember always prefer the prepared juice and consumed at the time. But if not possible, prepare the meats at home. Avoid sweeten the juices, enjoying, well, best of all the benefits it can offer to your health!