Photo: Playback / Great British Chefs

Photo: Playback / Great British Chefs

Sweet potato has gained ground in the Brazilian table, because the dissemination of its benefits to health and exercise.

It offers lots of vitamin A, fiber and low glycemic carbohydrates and therefore decreases the appetite, provides energy to the body, releasing glucose gradually, and can help in controlling diabetes.

Considering all these advantages, you can consider replacing, at least in some cases, the sweet potatoes.

The versatility of sweet potatoes is amazing and you can prepare the dishes you love most in a healthier version. Here are several recipes for using sweet potatoes and surprise yourself with the convenience, flavor and gains that it offers.

Check out a selection of sweet and savory recipes prepared with sweet potatoes to bring more health and energy for your day to day.

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Photo: Playback / Bright eyed baker

Photo: Playback / Bright eyed baker

1. Sweet Potato Bun: this is a great idea to replace bread in cases of intolerance to gluten or diets. The description is of a soft texture of bread and surprising flavor and recipe yields 25 mini-rolls.

2. Cookie sweet potato and chicken: This cookie is an option to make a healthy snack, delicious and creative with the darling combination of bodybuilding fans. The recipe is simple and takes little ingredients, worth testing!

3. Sweet Potato Puree: This is a super light and light recipe, because in addition to replacement of the sweet potatoes, the ingredients that make the puree a calorie accompaniment (butter, milk, sour cream) were also adapted and replaced by healthier items.

4. stuffed sweet potatoes: This is an adaptation of the beloved stuffed potato, but made with sweet potatoes. The preparation is very simple and made using only the microwave. Also, you can fill your potato with what you prefer!

Photo: Playback / The word bitten

Photo: Playback / The word bitten

5. sweet potato baked chips: light and easy to prepare, the chips only takes his own sweet potatoes, olive oil and seasoning (salt, pepper and spices). The recipe is a great choice to accompany meat and serve as a snack in the afternoon.

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6. Roasted sweet potatoes with fresh fig: this recipe is super light and healthy, perfect for an evening meal. "A dish rich in flavors, colors and with a sophisticated look." Explains the owner of the revenue.

7. Cold salad of chicken with sweet potatoes: This salad is also made up of the combination chicken + sweet potatoes and proposes to add more "free" to the mix. You can add the side dishes of your choice or test suggested in the original recipe, the important thing is to keep the convenience and refreshing salad!

8. chicken souffle with sweet potatoes: this recipe came from the need to prepare something practical and fast, using chicken and sweet potatoes, and the result is a creamy, beautiful and healthy dish!

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

9. Casseroles sweet potatoes and tomatoes: simple, fast, healthy and delicious, it's like this pie is described by the owner of the revenue. The final look of the pie is also amazing and can be a great choice to surprise your family at dinner!

10. Chicken fricassee with sweet potatoes: Again, the double fit chicken and sweet potatoes are the main ingredients, but this time accompanied with grated cheese and creamed corn gratin. By combining layers of chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed corn and cheese recipe is not very light, but the taste promises!

11. Sweet Potato Lasagna: sweet potato is the main ingredient for pasta and lasagna this preparation takes only 15 minutes, that is, revenue is practical, healthy and can be fully adapted to you to vary the fillings.

12. sweet potato gratin with turkey breast: this dish is a great alternative for those who like the sweet potato flavor, because it is accompanied it with a cream cheese and turkey breast. Despite these additions increase the caloric value of revenue, it is still an ally for muscle gain and a healthier diet.

Photo: Playback / Pixelated Crumb

Photo: Playback / Pixelated Crumb

13. Risotto with mushrooms sweet potatoes: revenues this risotto is perfect for entertaining friends at home or serving on a special occasion, just so it requires a little more dedication and time, it takes more ingredients, but the result is worth the effort, after all this version with potatoes is extremely creamy!

14. sweet potato Escondidinho: made with only three ingredients, this escondidinho is fit (as most recipes that take sweet potato), fast and super easy to do: just cook the potatoes, prepare a filling or sauce and merge these two layered pieces.

15. Sweet Potato Gnocchi: the gnocchi can be made with potatoes, cassava and sweet potatoes with why not? This recipe teaches you how to recreate the traditional mass using sweet potato and even gives the hint to leave your lighter and tasty gnocchi.

16. Pizza sweet potato: this idea is a healthy alternative to pizza lovers. The dough preparation is easy and fast, taking only sweet potatoes, egg and oatmeal. As for the filling, you can vary and create the pizza you love most, eating fewer calories.

Versatile, sweet potato can also star in sweet dishes. Get to know some recipes that use based on the sweet potato and can sweeten your days in a more healthy way:


Photo: Playback / The awesome green

Photo: Playback / The awesome green

17. Sweet Potato Brownie: healthier than traditional, these brownies are a good option to reduce consumption of sugar, after all the recipe does not take no sugar and no gluten. Worth testing!

18. Sweet potato Sweet: sweet sweet potato is a very old and hard to find recipe ready for purchase today. The preparation is very simple and fast and can be an alternative to the traditional brigadier.

19. sweet potato cake, chocolate and nuts: "this is a cake of those who from afar looks like a common denies crazy, but when people experience are trying to find out what the secret ingredient." Says the blogger. With sweet potatoes and nuts, the taste and texture are amazing!

20. sweet potato Brigadeiro: this is a sweetie made with almond milk and biomass of green banana, a good thing to prepare when it hits that urge to eat sweet, without slipping in the diet.

Photo: Playback / Vegan Baking

Photo: Playback / Vegan Baking

21. Sweet Potato Ice Cream: This ice cream is the perfect recipe to refresh the days of those who adopt a diet directed to training and bodybuilding. Besides the sweet potatoes, ice cream takes whey protein, soy milk and sweetener, the taste is due to the peanut butter and vanilla essence.

22. sweet potato pudding: the idea is for you to add more variation to your pudding recipes. According to the owner of the income the result is a very tasty sweet and melts in your mouth.

23. Sweet potato pie with guava: easy to prepare and affordable ingredients that sweet potato pie can be a great dish to serve in the afternoon coffee. The guava melted on top adds the finishing touch!

From these recipes you can add, create and adapt many other recipes with sweet potatoes on their menu and enjoy the versatility and all the benefits of it!