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There are hundreds on the shelves of cosmetics that promise to strengthen the hair and cause your nails to grow healthy. We use them frequently, often forgetting that beauty starts from the inside out, literally. To get hair and nails beautiful and healthy, you need to ingest daily vitamins that the body needs - in this case, specifically to biotin.

Here you can see the main information about this vitamin to have her as your ally in the health care and beauty.

What is biotin?

It is one of the vitamins B complex, also known as vitamin H or B7 It is water soluble (water absorbed by the intestine and carried to tissues through the circulation) and must be replenished daily because the body can not store it - the excess is eliminated by urine.

Biotin is essential for the proper functioning of our body cells and has operation similar to an enzyme, metabolizing fats, sugars and proteins. It acts directly on the skin formation and has the function of neutralizing cholesterol, explains nutritionist Sabrina Lopes. "The lack of this vitamin causes developmental delay, changes in vision and hearing, dermatitis and changes in the scalp," says the expert.

What foods have vitamin B7?

Biotin is present in a number of foods such as dairy products, spinach, avocado, watermelon, strawberry, seeds and nuts. Some have an even greater amount of vitamin liver, egg yolk and fish.

Ironically, though the egg yolk is rich in biotin, clear of raw egg prevents vitamin to be absorbed by the body. Frequent alcohol consumption also reduces the absorption of biotin.

Where to find or buy Biotin?

Ideally, vitamin intake is from a healthy, balanced diet. But as we can not always supply all the nutrients our body needs, you can also find biotin in capsules sold in pharmacies and the Internet.

Anyone who wants to save can buy Biotin in drugstores. In either case, the prescription is essential.

Biotin 500mcg 60 capsules for $ 35.95 in Biovea

Biotin 500mcg 60 capsules for $ 35.95 in Biovea

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Vitamin B complex 100 tablets for $ 13.75 in Onofre

Biotin 5000mcg 100 capsules (can be found in the free market for R $ 100.00)

Biotin 5000mcg 100 capsules (can be found in the free market for R $ 100.00)

Organic Shampoo with biotin for $ 12.34 in VitaCost

Organic Shampoo with biotin for $ 12.34 in VitaCost

Biotin benefits

Like other vitamin B complex, biotin is very important for metabolism. Vitamin processes virtually all types of food you eat, including carbohydrates, proteins and fats. So if combined with the right diet, a biotin supplement may even accelerate weight loss because of its clear effect on the metabolic process.

Biotin also plays an important role in the production of glucose in the blood and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. She is able to reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood that, when too high, can lead to serious heart disease.

In addition to all the benefits to the better functioning of the body, biotin supplements can be beauty allies: vitamin is directly related to the health of hair, nails and skin.

If your hair falls out or is very weak, it may be a sign that you have consumed less vitamin B7 necessary. Biotin can also be the solution you seek to strengthen your nails and see them grow up healthy.

Biotin fattening?

No, biotin does not cause weight gain. It is essential for the well being of our body and is related to healthy food and reducing cholesterol. In addition, the vitamins have calories components, then they do not get fat. However, this myth came about because of some vitamins can help increase appetite.