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A new name has gained prominence when it comes to weight loss: Morosil, a dry extract obtained from the juice of oranges Moro, cultivated in the Mediterranean, only the area around the volcano Etna in Sicily (Italy).

Best of all: the darling of the moment is a natural asset, ie it is not a drug and does not offer side effects.

Morosil® is an authentic product of Galena, a company that distributes raw materials to compounding pharmacies. It can be manipulated in capsules, sachets or incorporated into recipes such as chocolate, smothies, juices and shakes.

Composition of Morosil

Morosil actually emerged based on the Mediterranean diet (already well known for the many benefits it offers to health), as the Moro orange is an important component of this diet.

Claudia Coral, pharmaceutical and vice president of Galena, points out that, by living in a harsh environment (which makes the survival of animals and plants), the Moro oranges had the need to adapt to different conditions in which they are exposed and , because of these various climatic and environmental characteristics, have a unique composition.

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"Studies show that Moro oranges are the main source of a kind of red pigments called anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant responsible for weight loss. This pigment is not found in other citrus fruits. It also contains a high concentration of vitamin C, flavonoids and hydroxycinnamic acids, "pharmaceutical explains Claudia.

In the table below you can see which are the main nutrients in Orange Moro (or Red) on average.

Image: Woman Tips

Image: Woman Tips

And taking into account the specific benefits of Moro oranges that created the Morosil - that stands out especially for helping in weight control, but also promises other benefits.

Benefits of Morosil

According to Gilberto Kocerginsky, orthomolecular physician and Andreia Barros, nutritionist, the Linnus Institute (RJ), are seen as the main benefits of using Morosil:

  • weight management;
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity;
  • Reduction of triglycerides and total cholesterol;
  • Reducing abdominal fat;
  • Powerful antioxidant action.

Claudia explains that due to the action of anthocyanin C3G in the body, Morosil becomes an important ally in the management and reduction measures. "In just 90 days you have a loss of up to 50% of abdominal fat. But in 60 days the results are already visible, "he says.

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But, according to the pharmaceutical, the benefits go far beyond weight management. "For lower fat levels in the body, the active contributes to an increased synthesis of adiponectin, assisting in increased insulin sensitivity, being very important for glycemic control."

Morosil also assists in lowering triglycerides and total cholesterol, as recalled Claudia. "What's more, recent studies show that in addition to the benefits in weight management, Morosil assists in the care of hepatic steatosis (fat accumulation in the liver)," he adds.

Morosil even lose weight?

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Due to the action of anthocyanin in the body, Morosil has emerged as an important ally in the management and reduction measures, especially in the abdominal area.

Claudia cites a recent study, published in the prestigious International Journal of Obesity, showed that the Moro extract obtained from enriched juice, can counteract weight gain and fat accumulation induced in animals fed a high fat diet with fat reduction abdominal 25 to 50%.

Kocerginsky and Andreia note that any method used alone for slimming purposes (exchange of body fat for lean mass) is effective by itself. "The use of Morosil is an important tool with other tools. always should the individual interested in making use look for a healthcare professional. "

Using Morosil

Morosil® is found in manipulation pharmacies. Kocerginsky Andrea and recall that it can be administered in capsules, sachets and added to functional foods (such as solid and instant drinks), for weight management.

The most common form of its use has been in capsules, with the active or combined with other assets.

Claudia points out that the usual recommended dosage is 400 mg to 500 mg a day may be divided or not. "Morosil not have a specific time to be given," he says.


Contraindications, according to Kocerginsky and Andreia são:

  • pregnant women;
  • Women breast-feeding;
  • Children.

It is always interesting to see a professional you trust before you start using Morosil, although studies have not been appointed no side effects.

Morosil and Actgym

The association Morosil® Actgym + ™ is attracting much attention. According to Claudia, this is a complete solution for body modulation because the asset manager In (internal use) and Out (external use) acts synergistically enhances the activity of assets.

"Morosil®, use In, has many benefits. Actigym ™, use Out, is an active marine biotechnology obtained by promoting the integrity of muscle fibers type I and increases mitochondrial activity by setting the body and giving tone to the abdominal area, arms and buttocks, "said the pharmacist.

"The indication is Actigym ™ apply in desired regions (arms, thighs and abdomen or as needed) twice daily," explains Claudia. Already Morosil, recall, is consumed through capsules, sachets or added to functional foods.

Morosil and other associations

The Morosil can still be handled along with other assets. Therefore, the ideal is to seek professional guidance to ensure a custom formula that best suits your needs, thus ensuring even better results.

Claudia cites some examples of internal uses (In use):

  • Morosil® + Cacti-Nea ™: aid in reducing abdominal fat and fluid retention.
  • Morosil® + Saffrin: cooperation in mitigation and decrease anxiety.
  • Morosil® + ID-ALG ™: reduction measures with different and complementary mechanisms.

He became interested in the benefits that Morosil can offer? Consult your doctor and / or nutritionist to find out which is the best formula for you to go to a pharmacy handling of his city.

Remember that any product "makes miracles." To really significant results, the ideal is to associate the use of Morosil (alone or with more active) with a healthy diet and the physical activity.