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In the United States and some European countries, besides the bride, there is another female figure that stands out for its importance and tradition in wedding ceremonies, the demoiselle.

The name comes from the French and means "girl", "virgin" or "dragonfly" and serves to designate the lady adult honor or adolescent accompanying the bride to the altar assisting it in all that it takes to ensure that it is always impeccable. Can be a single lady or more, the bride is who decides. Another term frequently used is bridesmaids, As regards the wedding bridesmaids.

This tradition originated in antiquity from a legend according to which the presence of other women dressed similarly to the bride and escorting her to the altar served to confuse the evil spirits about who in fact would be the bride, thus removing all envy or evil eye that could befall her on her wedding day.

Wedding style defines the order of entry of the Demoiselles in the church. In some cases, they come before the bride with their peers along with the rest of the procession, but there are ceremonies in which the honor of godmother comes just behind the bride holding her veil, as in the most talked about wedding of the century, princess Kate Middleton, where his sister Pipa was responsible for entering it in the church, hold and fix the veil.

In Brazil, brides are more every day looking for new alternatives to transform the traditional rite as something amazing, so the demoiselles begin to gain ground in the ceremonies under new molds.

Many brides do not give up the small pages and bridesmaids, which in some US ceremonies, for example, are replaced by adult ladies. In fact there is no denying the grace of seeing the little ones entering the church, but who want to include the Demoiselles, bridesmaids and keep the little ones, should be mindful of the number of people in procession to not make it too long and exhausting for the guests and especially not to fill the altar.

The charm of the Demoiselles is a costume account. Together with the bride they should define the models, greetings and the colors of the dresses. There are cases where the colors of the costumes of adult ladies are different, but always in very close shades of each other. However, in most cases the dresses are the same color, subtly differentiating themselves in the model, only details such as straps, ties, cuts and lengths to meet varied tastes, but it also is at the discretion of the bride.

The pastel shades like peach and pink are the most used, to the fact that one of the meanings being dragonfly, but bolder brides allow shades of purple, red and even black.

Weddings performed during the day and in the open match shorter or Ankle floral prints and models are welcome.

The effect of the tone of the Demoiselles, whatever it is, in contrast to the white of the bride ensures a super nice effect in the pictures of the album and white always stands out.

The bouquet of demoiselles can not be forgotten. He may look like the bride, but should always be lower.

As for makeup and hairstyles of the Demoiselles, the idea is that they are simple and nothing exaggerated, as in any way they can draw more attention than the bride.

The choice of one or more Demoiselles is a proof of affection, friendship and above all reliable. In addition to helping the bride with all the preparations before the ceremony as the bridal shower organization, bachelorette's, choice and dress tests, hair and makeup, they have a responsibility to convey calm and tranquility to the bride at times prior to the ceremony, so the more intimate they are the chosen, the easier it will be to understand the real meaning of this figure that goes far beyond leaving the most beautiful ceremony.

The American cinema is full of references on the subject, and one of the best known is called "Dressed to marry," a romantic comedy in which the protagonist lived the beautiful Katherine Heigl was maid of honor of 27 different weddings. No doubt, a practical and fun way to better understand the subject and a great source of inspiration for those who want the most varied outfits.