8 types of exercise to tone the inner thigh - Women Tips

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Upon entering the gym or start any other type of physical activity, each person carries with it your goal. Some want to lose weight; others seek a more hardened body or simply more health and quality of life.

However, a fairly common desire among women is tone the inner thigh, leaving their more defined legs. But it is true that this is not always an easy result to be achieved, which causes many people to question why this difficulty.

Thaina Rodrigues, 26, educator, says that does weight training for about five years, and has obtained excellent results with your workouts, however, took a long time to have the legs I wanted. "When I started the activities, I was fatter. Soon I lost weight and I was getting a legal body. But take me long to set my legs, especially the inner parts of the thighs, where I had that 'typical extra fat'. But after enough persistence and guidance, achieved the results expected, he says.

Denise Toledo Oka, Professor of Bio Ritmo, highlights the difficulty tone the inner thigh is explained by the fact that this is a region of accumulation of fat for women. "The muscles below the fat tissue may even be strong, but it is not clear," he says.

What to do?

But, if indeed there is this difficulty, which is the best way to tone the inner thigh? Below, Physical Education professionals explain what are the best exercises for this.

1. Squats: Professor Denise de Toledo explains that the squat is one of the exercises that can stimulate this thigh muscles.

Exercise can be done in different ways, according to guidance from your personal or teacher, but a good tip is free squatting with the long bar. Intense and profound, he works all the quadriceps muscles.

The bar needs to be on top of the trapezius muscles; with your feet and legs apart at hip width, one must drop to reach the heel and back again to the starting position.

2. Leg press 45: another tip teacher Denise de Toledo is the leg 45. Check out how it's done in the video below:

Always remember to follow the guidance of a professional to know how much weight you should use to make the exercise as well as how to run it properly.

3. horizontal leg press: this is another exercise cited by Professor Denise.

The horizontal leg press is also known as the "seated leg press" as it is done with the person sitting. The feet are pressed against a plate, which is attached to a weight through a steel cable. In neutral position you keep your knees bent; and when you stretch your legs, pressing against the plate and pull the weights.

4. sink: another exercise that can stimulate the muscles of the thigh, quoted by Professor Denise de Toledo.

8 types of exercise to tone the inner thigh - Women Tips

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It can also be done in different ways, but a good tip is the sink with bar. It is a relatively difficult exercise because it requires balance, however, is intense and works all quadriceps. You must place the bar on the trapezius muscles, and foot, take a step forward, keep the heel back off the ground. Perform bending knees and return to starting position again.

5. thighs adduction: Denise points out that if you want something more specific to the inner thigh, you can leave for the adduction movements thighs, which can be easily performed with leggings, rubber bands, or machines like water mains chairs.

In the case of exercise with leggings, Sandra Bezerra, physical education teacher Contours Academy, explains how to do it, "lie down on a mattress aside, put a shin guard in the right leg, hold with a slight bending, and leg keep left bent with the foot flat on the floor. The leg is held with cinnamon lifting movement thereof. Then replace the side. Do 3 sets of 15 reps, "he says.

See an example in the video below:

6. cardiovascular activities: Professor Denise adds that they are interesting to help reduce adipose tissue, and thus enable them to realize the result of weight training.

7. abductor apparatus: the tip of Sandra Bezerra is in the gym, use the device called abductor. "He has an accent and two padded levers connected to a weight, and you should make an effort to close her legs and put them together," he explains.

The orientation of the teacher is to perform three sets of 15 repetitions.

8. Swiss Ball: another orientation of Sandra teacher is using the Swiss ball. "Lie down on the mat side, place the ball between your legs, keeping them extended, press for 3 seconds, squeeze the inner thigh muscles and release," he explains.

For this exercise, the guidance of Sandra Bezerra also perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

And you also want to tone the inner thigh? Now you have great tips and exercises can talk better with your teacher or personal about your goal. Remember that physical activity should always be guided by a professional in the field and should also be combined with a healthy diet, so that, in fact, the results are achieved!