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Pregnancy is one of the most memorable moments and full of good emotions in women's lives, so many are keen to register this time through photographs, whether homemade or carried out by a professional.

The options on how and when photographing pregnant women are numerous and able to cater for every possible taste, but also generate a lot of doubts. The mainstay of get beautiful pictures of a pregnant woman is she happy and at ease, so you should prepare homemade or professional rehearsal for this to be a source of joy and not of stress for the expectant mother.

Professional experts in photo shoots of pregnant women usually opt for places where there is light and natural beauty, for photos taken in photographic studio do not usually leave the pregnant woman or the other participants of photos relaxed, causing nothing spontaneous result.

Portray the joy of pregnancy in the photographs is to give the accurate thematic focus for a good result, because in this way the test will not only be composed of the pregnant woman photos with supporting giving kisses on the belly or holding baby accessories, and yes, the registration of a happiness when shared by the entire family.

Tips for success in the photographic essay of the pregnant woman

  • Do not let last minute: The ideal time to make the pregnant book is between the seventh and the eighth month when the belly is already very plump and prominent, but the woman is not so swollen. Moreover, this period is still possible variation of poses without much effort;
  • Beware of underwear or tight clothes: The lingerie or tight clothing worn the day before or even on picture day can leave marks on the body. Ideally, the mother before testing view soltinhas clothing fabrics and non-synthetic;
  • Disguise the defeitinhos: It is natural that the pregnant woman has dark circles, spots on the skin or even stretch marks, but a little makeup can help even out the skin, contributing to the photos come out beautiful;
  • Highlight your qualities naturally: Do not elaborate hairstyles or makeup. Try to keep your natural hair, or just with a brush to soften the hair and choose to use a little makeup;
  • If you can do at home: The best environment to be photographed during pregnancy without having to make extensive preparations are at home because all the clothes and objects are within easy reach and the most intimate climate favors the naturalness in the photos. Ask only for those who will shoot it assess the lighting of the place can be worked;
  • Benefit from nature: Photos outdoors, in parks or beaches, for example, are excellent choices. Just remember to be attentive to the light and weather to avoid discomfort. The early morning and late afternoon are nice in two aspects;
  • Create a climate with significant objects: baby accessories, toys, flowers or even photographs, can create an interesting composition;
  • Show family happiness: Include on the photo the father and brothers of the baby to be born. To succeed, the ideal is that Dad they reach the end of the session so that the mother did not desconcentre;
  • Prefer basic clothing: Wear clothes that you would normally use, to show your style and leave you only the will to expose their happiness by pregnancy;
  • Avoid accessories: If you wear earrings, watches and necklaces, prefer the more discrete items and see the photographer before to see if they will not mess with glare or light reflections.

For moms who are in doubt about what clothes and makeup to wear, photographer Débora Nunes recommends: "plain clothes for more angelic photos and a few pieces of contrasting colors for more vivid and colorful pictures are excellent. Regarding the makeup, the pastel shades are perfect, enhance the beauty gently. "

10 suggestions for creative poses for moms

Get inspired with our gallery of images to create a test with your family and face to match the new member who will arrive soon.

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When you think of pregnancy begin recording from the first few weeks following the baby's growth in her stomach every month, you might consider producing a sequence of pictures and subsequently create a video in stop motion like this:

Pregnancy in itself is a big reason for the woman want to register through photographs. Do not let inhibitions get in the way their desire to have this remembrance. Think that in the future you can show your child how much you have loved him when he lived in you.