Why women moan during sex? - Women Tips

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rapid breathing and groans are two different ways to show pleasure during intercourse. Each person has a type of behavior in these moments. Moreover, these reactions can be voluntary or involuntary, depending on the type of stimulus that you are having. Of course, there are men who gasp or groan when they are having a relationship, but the groans in particular are trademarks of women.

The truth is that women are more "theatrical" during sex. So they tend to dramatize more what they are feeling, expressed by moaning, words or even screams happily obtained. All this while the men remain somewhat stable. That is the nature of gender and the way that both are to demonstrate that they are having fun.

The wail is for something other than just pleasure?

When practicing a sport or any activity that requires a lot of concentration, every person remains extremely focused on what you are doing until the moment that ends the task. It is common in sports competitions, athletes see screaming at the finish, as if releasing all the energy that, until that moment, was being repressed and driven to the sport. The sex is no different.

Of course both are there to enjoy the moment and enjoy the experience, but there are also concentration for sex. For this reason, the moans and whispers would be an outlet for those involved in the activity, releasing the concentrated energy such as athletes do through the screams.

Why, after all, women pretend pleasure?

It is the female nature to try to please your partner, showing how much he is providing pleasure in bed. According to a study conducted at the University of Lancashire in the UK, the groans and other noises emitted by women are part of this scenario.

Research has shown that four out of five interviewed volunteers admitted using fake an orgasm moans during their relationship, simply because they would like the sex was over quickly. This is an important point to understand the male-female relationships.

As for men, sex is an essential part of the relationship, which statistics show is that most women do not just give so much importance to the issue. It is clear, however, that it is a specific research, which does not mean that the opinion of the interviewees represent, in fact, the view of women as a whole.

Statistical became even more significant when the researchers asked them the reasons that led to pretend a pleasure that in reality they were not experiencing. 92% of women said they used the moans to please the partner, making him believe that he was being the best lovers during sex.

If this is a valid or not at the last minute strategy, the truth is that most men still in the eternal questions about the veracity of pleasure shown by their partner and, although some argue that also simulate an excessive pleasure to meet them, the art stage in bed is even a more feminine field.