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It is still not as well known (such as almonds, walnuts or cashews, for example), but after knowing all the benefits it can offer to their health and diet, you'll probably want to prove it: the Baru nuts, fruit baruzeiro (Dipteryx alata).

Vânia Beletate, nutritionist graduated from the Methodist University of Piracicaba (Unimep), specialist in Clinical Nutrition at St. Camillus / SP and Master in Evidence-Based Medicine (UNIFESP), explains that the baru nut is an oilseed crop as well as walnuts, pistachios , almonds. "It is typical of Brazil, but little known in many regions. It is more common in regions such as Goiás, north of Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso and part of Maranhão "he says.

But good reasons to meet and prove baru chestnut - that even is very tasty, with a taste similar to peanut - abound! Among its many benefits are, for example, helps to fight bad cholesterol, decreased abdominal fat accumulation and antioxidant power!

However, although beneficial, this oilseed as other foods should not be consumed in excess. Check out all nutritionist's guidelines regarding the benefits and consumption of baru nuts!

7 reasons to consume nut baru

According to Vania, it can be a strong ally in the fight against cholesterol, anemia and helps delay premature aging. Meet the main advantages of consumption baru nuts, highlighted by the nutritionist below:

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  1. Among its properties, they can be detached proteins, fibers, minerals, addition of oleic fatty acid (omega-9) having anti-inflammatory and anti bad cholesterol (LDL).
  2. Studies indicate that the omega-9 inhibits the overproduction of cortisol, with consequent decrease in abdominal fat accumulation.
  3. The omega-9 still has powerful antioxidant that reduces lesions in the cells caused by free radicals and inhibits platelet aggregation and thrombus formation.
  4. Baru The nut is also rich in iron: 100 grams, provides the equivalent of 59% of the daily recommendations.
  5. It also helps to improve the fertility of men as it is rich in zinc, so it is called the "cerrado viagra".
  6. Baru The nut can still be an ally in slimming since, as a food rich in fiber, aids in satiety. "In addition, a source of omega-9, facilitates the burning of fat. It also speeds up the brown fat burns causing the body seeks new sources of fat, such as white fat located in the abdomen, "says nutritionist.
  7. The baru nut is also a practical food, ideal for use in intermediate snacks, preventing hunger peaks in the main meals for lunch and dinner. Another factor that has made it an ally in weight loss.

Already he became interested in proving this oilseed? Learn how to include it in their food!

How to consume the chestnut baru

Vania points out that, despite being rich in nutrients, the baru nut should not be consumed in excess. "There is no recommended daily intake precisely, but it is customary to suggest the consumption of 20 grams daily (equivalent on average 12 to 14 units)," he says.

"As it is rich in iron, it is important to consume it along with foods rich in vitamin C (like oranges, pineapple, kiwi), to assist in the absorption," adds nutritionist.

It is also advisable, according to Vania, consume the brown toast or cooked baru, which facilitates digestion, inactivating substances which reduce the absorption of its beneficial nutrients.

Regarding contraindications, Vania points out, "as the baru nut is a food rich in protein, the restriction would be only for those who have a restricted diet this macronutrient."

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How to choose and store

Vania guides stay tuned to the appearance of baru nuts, which should be cool. If it contains whitish dots, should be avoided because it means she has had contact with bacteria or fungi, which can be harmful to health.

Also according to the nutritionist, it is recommended to store baru nuts in dark refractory, putting in a cool dry place. This will help keep omega-6 and omega-9.

Cosmetic use of baru nuts

The baru oil offers interesting advantages when it comes to beauty, as emphasized Vanya:

  • Hair, acts in the recovery of damaged hair, provides hydration, restoration, shine and softness.
  • The skin also moisturizes deeply, and stimulate cell regeneration and to rely on antioxidant action (which fight free radicals and premature aging), helping to increase the elasticity and brightness of the skin.
  • Nail, if applied daily, oil can help strengthen them.

Now you know the main benefits associated with the consumption of baru nuts! But remember that the best way to include this in their food oilseed, enjoying the fact of its benefits, is following the guidelines of your nutritionist.

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