How to Lighten the groin and end up with ingrown hairs in this region


This is an issue that bothers many women, but that is not discussed as openly as one parched hair or brittle nails: it is the darkened groin.

As much as the groin spend most of the time hidden under our clothes, many women are embarrassed at the time to wear a bathing suit or even during sex by having the darkest groin than the rest of the body.

Another problem is when a woman has a tendency to have ingrown hairs, leaving the skin full of reddish lumps, painful and pus-filled - the dreaded folliculitis.

Sometimes we embarrassed to talk about it, but fortunately, the youtuber Adriana shared a homemade recipe for an exfoliating itself to the groin, which helps to clear the area and to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs.

According to Adriana, this misturinha helps remove dead skin cells, facilitating the regeneration of the skin and enhancing treatments to whitening the groin, and leave the region with the skin smooth, soft and hydrated.

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How to make the recipe

As the youtuber explains in the video above, you need only two ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon almond or olive oil extra virgin olive oil soup

Just mix the two ingredients in a container and take the time to apply the bath mixture groin. Have a massage with gentle movements for 3 minutes to achieve the effect of exfoliation.

A tip: do not go overboard in force in time for the massage to not end up irritating the skin in the area because it is already very sensitive. Make a regular exfoliation with gentle movements.

Repeat this procedure no more than twice a week because he has abrasive action and can end up hurting the skin if done in excess.

Also, always watch out for performing the scrub at least 4 days after waxing to cause no irritation on skin that is already sensitized by the blade or the wax.

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Tricks to make your recipe even better

How to Lighten the groin and end up with ingrown hairs in this region

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If your skin is oily, the youtuber indicates replace the sugar with honey, which has anti-inflammatory action, astringent and antimicrobial, helping the skin to combat the appearance of pimples doloridíssimas groin.

Longer if your skin is very sensitive, the youtuber recommends that you replace sugar by cornmeal because the little grains are softer and will not hurt your skin.

If possible, use a loofah to hygiene this region of the body and rinse with cold water, which helps soothe the skin.

To avoid the appearance of spots and ingrown hairs, it is also important to avoid using too tight panties, because they end up irritating the groin and may even reduce blood flow in this region.

Finally, remember to avoid the sun immediately after waxing, as this habit can cause spots on the skin that is already sensitized.

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