8 sites to buy clothes abroad and raze - Women Tips

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it is misleading to think that only those traveling abroad can take advantage of the options (and prices!) of the clothes sold out there. Today, thanks to the internet, there is more distance and online shopping are with everything! However, care should be taken to choose reputable stores and do not fall into any trap the virtual world.

Care needed with shopping in foreign sites

That story that purchases below $ 50.00 are not taxed at the entrance in Brazil is not true for all cases. This only happens when the sender and recipient are individuals. All goods purchased abroad via the Internet is subject to tax at customs and the rate is 60% on the value of merchandise. Remember to consider the risk that cost at the time of purchase! Do not forget that the value of the freight, if charged, is also subject to import duty.

What if my purchase is taxed? Not a big deal. You will receive a part of the Post Office saying that an order on your behalf suffered taxation. They also inform the agency when the goods are retained and the value for release. If the value is higher than expected, you can print the page showing your order on the site and fill out a form on their own post office requesting a review of the fee charged.

You need an international credit card to get shopping in foreign sites. The good news is that this is a relatively easy request to make the call center from your bank. Some stores also allow payment via PayPal, but be careful they are not all.

The most economical delivery options (including free) generally do not offer the tracking code (tracking number), that lets you know where your order. Sometimes it's worth paying a little more for increased security and control of what you are buying.

And prefer to buy on international sites with a good advance. While there delivery forecast, there is always a chance of delay.

8 stores of international clothing that deliver in Brazil

To make good choices online, check out a list of 8 secure sites that sell cool clothes to wear and abuse of foreign shopping. You will not regret! Check it:

1. Sammy Dress (England)

8 sites to buy clothes abroad and raze - Women Tips

Sammy Dress

beautiful and flapping clothes, especially the various options of dresses, skirts and swimwear. The prices are great (many items between R $ 20 and R $ 30) and just change the dollar coin for real in the top right corner of the page to not need to convert the exchange rate. The delivery charge varies, but choosing the "flat rate" option the price will not be very different from the freight charged to deliver within Brazil. All it takes is a little patience for delivery, it takes 7-25 business days.

2. romwe (Hong Kong)

8 sites to buy clothes abroad and raze - Women Tips


If you're looking for different pieces that have not yet come to Brazil, this is a great option. Prices are not as inviting as the other sites, but still worth it when compared to online stores. The smocks and leggings are out and about and there are several options in the range of $ 30 Delivery to Brazil is scheduled from 15 to 25 days, but the good news is that it is free.

3. Asos (England)

8 sites to buy clothes abroad and raze - Women Tips


The store offers a myriad of clothing options following a more basic and elegant line. There are also plus size options and for pregnant women. A good tip for those looking for more attractive prices is to check the special promotions page. Deliveries are free for Brazil and arrive in about nine days.

4. Aéropostale (USA)

8 sites to buy clothes abroad and raze - Women Tips


The darling of Brazilian traveling abroad began delivering in Brazil recently, so it's time to take advantage. exclusive and detached parts to anticipate the trends of the season here. One advantage is that you can anticipate the payment of taxes and fees already in the purchase. It is more expensive, but you get rid of the headache of your purchase be stopped at customs (read the tips at the end of the text to learn more about this risk). Delivery is scheduled for six to 11 days.

5. Macy's (USA)

8 sites to buy clothes abroad and raze - Women Tips


Another favorite at the time of purchase of travelers to the United States, Macy's also began to deliver to Brazil. Just as in the physical store, prepare to get lost among so many options. Also offers the option to anticipate fees and taxes, with delivery scheduled for six to 11 days.

6. ModClotch (USA)

8 sites to buy clothes abroad and raze - Women Tips


elegant, romantic and charming pieces are strong this store, which also offers plus size and vintage models. The delivery, however, is charged and the best value option for Brazil is around US $ 20.00 to get in seven to 21 business days.

7. NastyGal (USA)

8 sites to buy clothes abroad and raze - Women Tips

nasty Gal

A great choice for those looking for modern pieces that are beyond the commonplace. Prices are not the cheapest, but the careful selection of the pieces makes it worth paying a little more expensive. Another positive point is that the store also offers instant translation into reais. Delivery is free for anyone who spends more than $ 150 and expected to take place in two to four weeks.

8. Chicwish (England)

8 sites to buy clothes abroad and raze - Women Tips

Chic Wish

romantic and delicate pieces are strong this site, which offers a page dedicated exclusively to the promotion (sale). There is the option of automatic conversion to real and deliveries are free to Brazil (take 12-25 days).