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The trifle is a sweet of French origin and say that their name is derived from the word pavement, because of their way of mount layers in the same way that the buildings. The sweet layers are usually mounted alternating cookies and cream.

Here in Brazil the candy is very popular, both for its practicality as for their flavor. Composes the table of most family gatherings and year-end parties, mainly pave is almost always present and jokes being targeted as the "is trifle or to eat?".

In addition to cookies and the traditional white cream, trifle gives us the freedom to add new ingredients such as fruits, chocolate, nuts, among other variations. It is possible to increase revenue as your taste, and create versions to adapt to different diets.

Regardless of the trifle recipe, it is certain that the candy is a classic that is very successful. As the year-end festivities are already coming, it's always good to note new revenues to diversify the party menu. How about a new trifle to please your family and friends? Check out:

Buckler fruit

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The buckler fruit are great choices of refreshing desserts, ideal for those hot days and asking for a lighter and geladinho sweet. Remember that you can add the fruit of your choice.

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1. Lemon Pave: the pavé is done in two steps, prepare a lemon mousse and assembly are used chocolate cookies interspersed with mousse. The tip of the author is to serve the trifle in cups or small cups.

2. Peach Pave: This does not take into pave its ingredients anything of animal origin, ie, vegans can make revenue. The secret to a well pave consistent and easy to cut is to leave at least 8 hours in the refrigerator.

3. Strawberry Pave: the pavé cream is made with whipped cream prepared at home, which gives a special touch and the homemade sweet. Separate the most beautiful strawberries to decorate your dessert.

4. Banana Pave: for this trifle is prepared with a caramel bananas and, once done, the cream is added. For mounting, layers of cream and milk biscuits are interspersed. Sweet ends with chocolate chips.

5. Plum Pave: for this recipe prunes are used. With plums is made a pickle to complement the traditional white cream trifle.

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6. blueberry Pave: a super recipe easy to prepare, yet elaborated by Blueberry account. The base of white chocolate cream is white to contrast with the azedinho fruit flavor.

7. Pave passion: the pavé cream is a passion fruit mousse. The cookies used are the champagne-type dessert and ends with a chocolate cover ganache.

8. burned coconut Pave: white cream in this recipe calls for coconut milk to match the toasted coconut. This trifle to be cooled is a burnt crispy coconut candy.

traditional buckler

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Traditional buckler can be simple, composed only for the cookies and cream or white then take other different ingredients in the recipe. In this list you can check out the trifle recipe of sweet milk, nuts, vegan, among other delights.

9. Pave simple: with the preparation very easy and few ingredients, the author of the recipe ensures that it is a successful dessert.

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10. sweet milk Pave: this is a trifle a little different from others, as it does not need to be taken to the refrigerator. Ideal for a dessert that needs to get ready quickly.

11. walnut Pave: white cream is nothing more than a delicious white brigadier. The assembly is very simple, just mix the nuts to Brigadier, merge with the wafers and end with more nuts.

12. Pavê of tack: for those who like very sweet desserts, this is a good thing. The beautiful pave the layers are composed of Brigadier tack, chocolate cream, peanut candy, cornstarch wafer and whipped cream. Do not forget to ride in a transparent container for beauty dessert get the show.

13. Pave peanut vegan: vegans can enjoy a delicious trifle. For this recipe is made a cream with peanut butter, coconut milk and arrowroot powder. For assembly simply switch the cream, cookies and finish decorating with chopped peanuts.

14. Pave two creams: In this version two creams are prepared, a white chocolate and dark chocolate. To be all right, the assembly should be done when the creams are already cold.

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15. White and Black Chocolate Pave: Another option is this trifle made with alternating layers of chocolate cream, white chocolate cream, biscuits and whipped cream. The recipe makes a lot, being a great option to serve for the whole family.

16. Chocolate Pave: the differential of this trifle is the cream that takes chocolate powder. Great pave option for chocoholics.

17. white chocolate with strawberry Pave: white cream trifle has the special ingredient white chocolate. In one of the layers are also added chopped strawberries. To decorate you can separate some beautiful strawberries and place on top of the dessert.

18. chocolate with strawberry Pave: chocolate cream this recipe has a special touch, orange zest that help break a little sweet. For decoration are used whipped cream and strawberry.

different buckler

Photo: Playback / Will eat what?

Photo: Playback / Will eat what?

For those who want an unusual dessert, worth investing in some of the recipes that list. Are more elaborate recipes, but without losing the convenience of every trifle.

19. Pave caipirinha: super simple to make and delicious. The white cream is a lemon mousse with rum and the wafer used is full of lemon flavor. Great dessert for adults.

20. waltz dream Pave: for those who love this chocolate a version pave format falls nicely, does not it? A dessert, as well as delicious, pleases the eyes to be beautiful!

21. Pave kinder bueno: a common pave receiving a special touch to the chocolate kinder bueno replacing the wafer assembly. Vanilla is also present in the recipe to let the cream even more irresistible.

22. Pave oreo: beyond the oreo cookie and the traditional white cream, this also leads pave a delicious milk chocolate ganache. As the wafers are not wet before assembly, the result is a crunchy and creamy at the same time pave.

23. Pave bis: Finally, another idea that offers a touch of crispness. For the recipe you need to put the bis chocolate in the freezer for a while before you start. Then just prepare the cream base of pavé, assemble and delight!

Is by remembering the childhood taste or present the possibility of adaptation, the trifle is a dessert that is sure to have some version that pleases you. How about trying some of these recipes on a Sunday or a year-end party?