Why men stray? - Women Tips

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relationship beginning is always a delight. You do not get tired of staying together, there is no reason to discuss and everything is reason for caresses and photos. But over time, you realize that your partner just starts to pull away from you, such as avoiding being beside him as much as before.

This situation also occurs when we are getting with someone and that person, suddenly disappears without explanation. As women, it is normal that we feel disappointed and frustrated when this happens and although happen often, it is difficult to get used to the change so sudden behavior.

Why he walked away?

Several reasons can be pointed at a guy stop looking for you. Most of them are related to the fact that men are too afraid of commitment, almost always. But each case is different and there are other possible reasons for him to be away from you. Some of those reasons may even be your fault, then it costs nothing to rethink their behavior before considering the boy a tremendous scoundrel.

If you are one of those that bind all the time and like to find your partner every day, yellow sign. Earlier he may like the stick, but this kind of attitude sickens even the most passionate man. You may want to police not to get both of them on foot.

Jealousy is spice to any relationship, it is true, but a seasoning like pepper. That is, a drop more than necessary is enough to ruin the relationship. Be very jealous demonstrates insecurity and lack of self-esteem, which are two very difficult things to endure in a woman.

Answer truthfully, you are lacking? The reasons for their behavior may be the most just of this world, but this will not prevent the men to move away from you. Remember that in a relationship, the two people are, above all, human - and need to think about other things than the relationship itself. In other words, demand that your partner live for you, to do everything for you and give you attention all the time is not only boring, it is impossible. He, like you, need to breathe other air too.

What can I do to change?

Self-control is everything. You will only modify a recurring behavior when it is fully convinced of how much it is harmful. In fact these behaviors usually sign of deeper problems, which should be worked out in the long run. To begin, let the guy feel your lack. Saudade is good and allows the relationship to develop in a more natural and healthy way, both ways. If, finally, you realize you can not even handle it alone, that it seek the help of a professional such as a psychologist, for example?

And as I surpass the distance?

Take time to his head. Maybe he needs to rearrange their thoughts and then go back to look for you. If not, please do not despair. It's just a broken heart like so many others and, like all others, will also pass. Try to forget and act differently the next time.

And in your opinion, that keeps men?