Defrizante hair - Women Tips

The dryer and flat iron are great allies of most women. Who does not leave home without drying or straightening wires, you must have wondered whether you can keep your hair healthy by using dryer and flat iron. The answer is yes, but there are some secrets to it.

Use dryer and flat iron every day is not harmful to your hair as long as you follow some rules. Among them, set the dryer for a not too hot temperature, keep your machine at least 15 cm away from the wires, not pass the flat iron several times on one strand and never use it with the damp strands.

Another important rule is to always protect the wires. For this, there is the defrizzer, a finisher that helps those who spend hours stretching your hair here and there to have a perfect flat.

The function of the brush defrizzer is to facilitate creating a protective coating on the wires to prevent heat damage of the dryer and prolong the smooth effect of the iron.

The product also serves to protect the hair from moisture and to control the wires more rebellious, avoiding that creepy appearance after drying.

When buying your defrizzer, prefer the smooth consistency and not to let the hair look "heavy." The more vitamins and silicones in the product formula, the more effective its action against frizz.

O how to use defrizzer It is simple: just place the amount equivalent to the size of a real coin in the palm of the hand and spread throughout the length of hair when still damp.